Бритни Спирс рекламирует дебютный клип своей сестры Джейми Линн

Jamie Lynn Spears presented their debut video for the track How Could I Want More. Support, and at the same time and to promote the creation of singer hurried star sister of actress Britney Spears. News from the editors SPLETNIK.RU shared blogger KammilaRose.

In his microblog pop Princess reported that very proud of his little sister:

I can’t believe how beautiful to look at my sister in her new video, How Could I Want More.

Jamie Lynn has not left unanswered post singer:

Thanks for the support, Brit! I love you.

Britney also appealed to its subscribers calling to quickly download composition Jamie Lynn.

It is known that the youngest of the sisters Spears dedicated track How Could I Want More her boyfriend Jamie Уатсону.

My fiance has inspired me to write this song.

And a bit earlier, the singer said in an interview that the music was always part of her life:

I do not think that one morning you can Wake up one day and decide that is a good idea to start singing. I was always singing.

Always interesting to see the creativity of the relatives of stars, which have already received international recognition. Who knows, maybe a career Jamie Lynn Spears will be as successful as her famous sister.

Бритни Спирс и Джейми Линн Спирс. 2003 год
Britney Spears Jamie Lynn Spears. 2003 year

Кадры из нового клипа Джейми Линн Спирс
Footage from the new video of Jamie Lynn Spears

Кадры из нового клипа Джейми Линн Спирс

Кадры из нового клипа Джейми Линн Спирс

Кадры из нового клипа Джейми Линн Спирс

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