Ilya Sergeev, perhaps the most famous specialist in breast augmentation surgery in Russia. He has created the first specialized center for breast enlargement clinic DoctorPlastic. His experience of about 25 years, 20 of them he dedicated mammoplasty. Ilya Vyacheslavovich daily takes girls who want to enlarge the Breasts, and not surprised that they all asked the same questions. Apparently the information that can be found on sites such as ours, it is not enough. Therefore we decided to publish the detailed responses of Dr. Sergeev five most pressing questions about breast augmentation.

1. Which implants are better?

First, we use only implants with all international and Russian certificates and permits (certificates issued in Russia and in the US and the EU). Secondly, for our patients it is important to get implants that do not need to be changed. I.e., we choose products from the best manufacturers that give a lifetime warranty on their products and provide the most minimal risk of complications.

Brands such a few. It’s all really good implants, which have approximately equal strengths. But there is an important difference – the texture of the shell jewelry one of these manufacturers has a unique feature that allows it to firmly attach to living tissue and not to slip. So, girls, who have these implants need not worry that the implant will ever displaced or rotated. We usually recommend implants of this brand.

Thirdly, you need to choose not only the brand but also model. It should perfectly match the anatomy and goals of the operation. Most often used anatomic implants. However, in the case when a patient wants to make the bust more round and “lush”, can come and round implants. If the patient has signs of ptosis – it makes sense to think about round or anatomical implants high profile. By the way, the girls with a passion for rod and bodybuilding, recommended round implants, because even if they rotate (which happens when critical loads) will not have any deformation.

No need to chase the size was too large. An experienced surgeon will always say what size implant is best for you, and setting too large of implants attracted all sorts of trouble – implants look unnatural, there are “waves” or visible edges of implants (what we call contouring implants), etc.

2. Will I be able to breastfeed after surgery breast augmentation?

I usually answer briefly, YES! Actually the situation is. There are several methods of installing implants. Key three: with the incision in the inframammary fold, cut along the edge of the areola, or access under the mouse. Sometimes patients tell me that a surgeon had recommended the installation of implants through an incision JUST under the Breasts, since (according to him) only and nothing else, you can keep intact mammary gland and the ducts. This is not so.

All modern techniques of breast enlargement keep the function of lactation, if the insertion of implants is carried out correctly. In contrast, the incompetent specialist can not guarantee anything, regardless of the used technique.

We work in the clinic DoctorPlastic, which is every fifth operation for breast enlargement in Russia. This experience and high qualification of surgeons allows us to provide each patient with a wide variety of techniques and find the one that fully meets its requirements and goals.

3. How long is the surgery?

Время операции по увеличению грудиIf you don’t have some of the features of the operation will take only 20-25 minutes. In the presence of concomitant problems (e.g. asymmetry or tubularity) duration may increase to 30-40 minutes.

Twenty-minute surgery for breast augmentation is very well. So everything was perfect, surgeons say — “planning”. We did not need to redo anything, the patient is “not blood”, in General everything was done well.

Such operations — “global gold standard” which I follow. Over the last 20 years made me very, very a lot of augmentation breast. We refined the surgical technique and the interaction between the surgeon and the team. All questions are selected and investigated at the stage of preparation, so starting the operation, we are fully prepared and confident of success. And if so, the operation takes place without delay and without contingencies. In addition to the beautiful aesthetic result we get more light rehabilitation (mainly by reducing the duration of exposure to anesthesia). This is especially noticeable in the first hours. Many of my patients after surgery so I feel good that I see no need to stay in hospital and ask to let them go home in 2-3 hours. With very few exceptions there are no medical contraindications to this there so, in principle, possible.

4. How long is the rehabilitation after mammoplasty?

The first three days post — operative period. Some patients it is very easy, but there are those who complain about the pain (take them off the conventional tablets).

In recent years, such patients in DoctorPlastic was quite a bit. I believe this is due to the simple but effective procedures. Anti-edema measures that we use from the second day after surgery not only relieve pain, but also significantly accelerate the process of rehabilitation. In any case, a week all patients feel well enough to return to work and daily life. A month later, you can go to the sea, to do fitness, to raise kids and do everything that I want.

I noticed that girls that are not too limited in movements, and faster recovery and return to normal rhythm of life, than those who belong to his chest very carefully and very afraid of her once again to touch or touch.

5. What not to do after surgery?

A month everything that you did before the surgery. We recommend only the very very extreme sports: exercise on the pectoral muscle of high intensity (post and such); skydiving, bike stunts, jumping, etc. (for a minimum of 6 months). You should also remove the sunlight on shovchik, otherwise it can be pigmented with and become visible. TO FLY AIRPLANES, SWIM, HAVE SEX, PLAY WITH KIDS – YOU CAN!!!

If you are unable to get an answer to your question after reading this article, please post it Dr. Sergeev personally. This can be done by taking prior appointment for consultation by phone: +7 495 266 97 03. Clinic address: Moscow, Myasnitskaya str., 32/1, m. Chistye Prudy.

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