If you do decide to mammoplasty breast, you need to know how to properly care after surgery for their Breasts, and something to fear in the postoperative period. For her Breasts to properly care. After the surgery you the first time will accompany seal chest, swelling and haemorrhages. The recovery process you can speed using different drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Корсет для груди после операцииIf you decrease the pull Breasts, you should know that your tissues, which will be subjected to the surgery, and will try to take his original position. With all of this, the skin begins to stretch, scars which were formed after the surgery and not healed, begin to expand. Doctors advise to use a special strip of plaster, which will help fix a postoperative wound. Use these patches must be about three months. Immediately after the operation you will need to wear an elastic soft shirt, or bra, it is necessary to chest does not SAG and faster healed scars.

Физические нагрузки после маммопластикиNot recommended exercise immediately after surgery, and within three months. After three months, subject to a special regime for training.

For two weeks, doctors do not recommend to raise his arms above the shoulders. The next two weeks you can already work in the kitchen, also to go out to work. On the sixth week, you will already be able to return to playing active sports.

Also after mammoplasty doctors do not recommend to take a bath in the first three weeks. It is forbidden to avoid the threat of a swelling of the breast. But you can take a shower, you will need to use moisturizing creams or lotions. To care for her Breasts, because immediately after the operation, she would lose its elasticity. Therefore, a range of special means of strengthening the bust, which are now sold a lot.

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