Breast cancer is the most common problem among young women. Dependence on the hormones the tumor puts at risk women of reproductive age.

Considering the fact that quite recently this diagnosis was unambiguous verdict, the current achievements of mammalogy Israeli hospitals are staggering. However, on ways to combat breast cancer should talk more.

The treatment of hormone-dependent breast tumors in Israel

In addition to the latest techniques in the fight against the disease, Israeli hospitals stand out among other other related to the treatment process. Specialists clinics and health centers tailor treatment to each individual patient. And the list of procedures and drugs for effects on hormone-dependent tumor of the breast is discussed only after a thorough study of the status of the patient using the latest diagnostic tests:

  • mammography;
  • Ultrasound;
  • MRI;
  • the calculation of the level of the tumor markers, characteristic of malignant tumors;
  • tissue sampling of education for research in the direction of the histology, immunology and molecular genetics;
  • a clear definition of the boundaries of tumor and healthy tissue for the most effective removal.

Numerous diagnostic procedures give an idea about the status of the tumor. And it has already been determined by the principle on which to build the treatment.

The modern approach and methods in the fight against cancer

Israeli doctors main objective is the full release from the disease with maximum preservation of breast shape. Of course, the easiest it is for stage 1 cancer. Enough lumpectomy, then that eliminates diseased tissue without snagging healthy.

If the size of the tumor talking about 2-3 stages, then, as a surgical operation method will be used for total mastectomy. This intervention involves removal of the breast along with the tumor.

At the stage when the tumor is already starting to grow into the surrounding tissue, there is only the application of the modifying radical mastectomy. To avoid losing the shape of the breast, physicians can apply a combination of methods: radiation or chemotherapy will stop the growth of cells of tumors and reduce the swelling. And after the course of medication or radiation treatment, consider the option of surgery with preservation of the shape of the body. Thus, the patient gets rid of the deadly disease, without losing femininity.

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