"Во все тяжкие": альтернативная концовка драматического сериала

The final episode of a drama series “Breaking” (Breaking Bad) fell to the audience likes: last series broke the record for hits, gathered in front of the audience of 10.8 million viewers. But it seems that Brian Крэнстона, who played a major role in the project, had other ideas. So, the actor took his version of the ending of the popular television film and posted a video on the Internet.

Of course, Cranston was not configured seriously, so his version of the final series became a parody. Comedy video, which appeared in the network, caused a lot of positive responses from the fans теледрамы, but the leadership of the project is not estimated the act Крэнстона and has already managed to block the video on some of the portals.

The video begins with Brian wakes up in bed with Jane Kaczmarek, which became famous for its game in the series Malcolm in the middle”, and cry out in terror: he tells her that he saw a horrible nightmare, in which he was a merchant of illicit drugs. In turn, the heroine of Jane laughs at him and says to eat less fatty foods. Their conversation continues in the same spirit, that can not cause a smile viewer.

Recall that the history of the cancer patient, a chemistry teacher and his former careless student who decided together to cook methamphetamine, lasted five seasons, the last of which was divided into two parts.

During this time series, I managed to earn ten prizes “Emmy” (of which three have gone to Brian Крэнстону), nine awards “Saturn” and dozens more awards from different Guilds and associations of television and film critics.

Теледрама listed in all possible lists of the best TV series in advance and got into the Guinness Book of records 2014 as “the most popular series among critics,” and Stephen king called the script show the best ever implemented on television.

Well, let’s look at what it appears to be the final Крэнстону, who worked on the project “breaking” the last four years:

Кадры из видео
Video stills

Кадры из видео

Кадры из видео

Кадры из видео

Кадры из видео

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