Телохранитель Карла Лагерфельда: "Я не стану моделью"

Bodyguard Karl Lagerfeld Sebastien Жондо emerged from the shadow of his employer, this summer: the advertising campaign male underwear Karl Lagerfeld was precisely with his participation. Maestro Lagerfeld likes to use its workers, friends and Pets as models – let us recall the cat Шупетт and collection of accessories in her honor.

Advertising campaign with 38 years of бодигардом Жондо included a short video with the 2-minute interview, after which many wanted to know about a nice man is much more. He received his post? Often he has to beat Carl from his pursuers?

Fortunately, a men’s magazine Man Of The World dug a little deeper, so that in the next issue, readers learn about bodyguard Lagerfeld a lot. Here is just an excerpt from the interview with Жондо:

I just left the army and worked on several projects simultaneously. I did a lot of Boxing and the neighbourhood team guys organized a security firm to which I eventually joined.

But how Sebastien became the right hand of Karl? It turns out that he cared for the furniture in all the houses couturier:

We quickly became friends. Mr. Lagerfeld knew that I was engaged in various kinds of combat sports, in particular – Boxing. He is interested in. One day I told him that if he ever need a bodyguard, I am always ready. Very soon I began to work for it – not as a real bodyguard, but rather as a driver and right hands. Of course, I kept watching and for his safety.

And what, now, after the release of the advertising campaign with participation of the Жондо re-qualified into the model? He insists on the opposite, focusing on the importance of his work bodyguard:

We try to avoid physical contact, when someone defending. Perhaps in the cinema show something different, but the reality is. 99 percent of the work bodyguard is to be a good diplomat. It is a special art. The more you are intelligent, the greater the chance of a positive resolution of the conflict. Our brain – the main weapon.

Bodyguard Lagerfeld calls himself a “little Buddhist”:

There are guys who are engaged in dangerous things life: protect people during risky operations in dangerous countries, constantly balancing on the verge of life and death. I am far. In my opinion, to work well, need to be confident. At the same time, we must be in harmony with yourself, because when you are at war with the world and you have to constantly prove something, you can kill someone. And it is bad.

The sale of a number of the magazine Man Of The World with the full version of the interview бодигарда Karl Lagerfeld will appear 30 December. We look forward to many interesting stories!

карл лагерфельд телохранитель
Sebastien Жондо in the advertising campaign of Karl Lagerfeld


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Karl Lagerfeld and Sebastien Жондо

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