скраб для тела своими руками

Another clear video on how to make your own body scrub, which is no worse than the store. Yes, there nothing worse – even better and much органичней. Such extremely now fashionable organic scrub is not a sin, and the gift to present, if, of course, good packaging to find, but not old затасканную jar.

To make home scrub you will need:

  • solid vegetable oil or a mixture (the video used coconut),
  • liquid : vegetable oil (video apricot oil),
  • brown sugar (sugar, sea salt…),
  • essential oil or a mixture thereof,
  • beautiful package.

Make sure that the cooking oil is not exposed to water. Use only dry tools for mixing and how to wash and dry your hands.

As packaging, especially the gift, note paper bags with logo from the printing house “Еврографика”. Maybe you put the production of homemade cosmetics to the thread and you did not interfere with the gift bags and other pleasant trifles with its logo.

Mix about 50 g of coconut oil and 10 ml apricot. Here you can heat the mixture to give her a better mix and продезинфицироваться. Then, wait for the oil mixture cools and thickens slightly, to our скрабящие particles in it have not dissolved, and esters do not burn out too quickly.

Add to the mixture of oils sugar or any other скрабящее tool. It is also often recommended to warm up in a frying pan and allow to cool.

Least add esters. The video is 20 drops sweet orange oil.

Put the ready body scrub into a suitable, clean and dry jar with a tight lid and use as a scrub on a clean, damp skin.

After application of the fat scrub cream for the body you do not need.

To scrub kept longer, you can try to add homemade preservatives, which is always at hand. This can be citric acid or powdered aspirin. They not only prolong the period of storage of scrubs, but give it properties acid peeling for body.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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