Блейк Лайвли: "Я никогда не сидела на диетах и ем шоколад дважды в день!"

Blake Lively lucky in everything: a handsome husband Ryan Reynolds, film career in Hollywood and has an amazing figure. After she began face cosmetics brand L’oreal, Blake could not share the secrets of your beauty regime.

In an interview with the French magazine Vogue Blake lively honestly told me that never in my life was on a diet:

I have absolutely nothing to do! I am just in constant motion. I always somewhere to run, so I don’t need a fitness trainers or trendy diets.

In addition, Blake every day eats sweet:

I just can’t drink for Breakfast a Cup of hot chocolate! In the evening I should definitely eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. He makes me so happy!

With regard to self-care, lively didn’t lazy:

I have a very simple mode – makeup removal, sun protection and basic care for skin. My favourite product BB-cream with SPF 30 factor. Never take less!

To relax, the 26-year-old actress is always in the Spa:

Love massage in new York’s Mandarin Oriental Spa. After him, I again feel younger.Well, if in addition to chocolate Blake lively nothing more to eat, then to her quite possible to believe.

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