Шопинг Черной Пятницы 2013: 11 киногероинь-шопоголиков

Black Friday, it’s time to begin the pre-holiday shopping marathon. But where the lowest prices? How to avoid queues?

To prepare for the most important day of this week, we decided to take the example of your favorite characters from the film and television. These girls “the dog ate in shopping, so you should not entirely devote today thanksgiving Turkey and тыквенному pie. Better watch movies and learn literate purchases: Black Friday is coming tomorrow.

Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series “Sex and the city”

Carrie is a woman who proudly admitted that spent 40 thousand dollars on a pair of shoes.

секс в большом городе
Carrie Bradshaw

Lisa turtle from the series “Saved by the bell

We know that Lisa was an avid шопоголиком since primary school.

лиза тертл
Lisa Turtle

Regina George of Comedy “Mean girls”

We would never ask twice Реджину ride us on shopping. And even allow the girl to call us the “losers”.

дрянные девчонки
Regina George

Cher Горовитц of Comedy “Stupid”

Cher, perhaps, was the biggest supporter of retail therapy.

шер горовитц
Cher Горовитц

Lindsay Блут of “developmental”

The only thing Lindsey loved more than a drink, is shopping.

замедленное развитие
Lindsay Блут

Elle woods of “the Blonde in the law”

Elle could teach shopping at Harvard.

блондинка в законе
Elle Woods

Rachel green from the series “Friends”

Forget about hair Rachel: we want her shopping talent!

Rachel Greene

Rebecca Блумвуд of the “Shopaholic”

Ardor with which Rebecca went on sale, admiration and fear.

Rebecca Блумвуд

Лорелай Gilmour from the series “Gilmore Girls”

She said the aphorism: “Each week created for shopping”.

девочки гилмор
Лорелай Gilmore

Blair Волдорф of “Gossip girl”

She learned by heart the rule of the “3 B – shops Barneys, Bergdorf’s and Bloomindales and Dorota let carries bags.

Blair Волдорф

Karen Walker from “will and grace”

Not many girls are able to outshine shopping skill of multi-миллионершу.

уилл и грейс
Karen Walker

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