In Russia sturgeon caviar was popular. Moreover, this delicacy is attended not only on the tables of the wealthy nobility, it was available and simple people. In Soviet times this delicacy virtually disappeared from sale and was a rarity.

Today deficit, fortunately, no. If you wish, such exquisite delicacy, as black caviar you can purchase in any time. However, it costs dearly, so most nationals is this kind of caviar to the festive table.

Product variants

Виды икрыDepending on the breed sturgeons are several varieties of this gourmet snacks:

  • The best is Beluga caviar with a major grain and a silvery gray color eggs. The product is different in taste and has virtually no specific «fishy» odor.
  • Rightfully take the second position «fish eggs» sturgeon. Grain more shallow than the Beluga, and the color is more intense with a bronze tint.
  • The third position given product obtained when cutting, stellate sturgeon. Grain is very small, only 1-2 mm in diameter, dark with a firm consistency and a pronounced smell.
  • On the last position sturgeon caviar that taste inferior to all the above-listed species.

Золотая икраThere is another variant of the delicacy that few people had a chance to try – «Golden caviar. Its distinguishing feature is a amber color and a fairly large grain. The «source» of this delicacy is a rare fish – Beluga-albino, so this product meets very seldom, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars per kilogram.

Distinguish the product and method of preparation, in the shops you can find granular, pressed caviar and cheap ovary caviar kind of black caviar.

  • When cooking grained variety of the delicacy, the eggs released from films immediately after the catch. Then the product is a little some salt is added.
  • If cooked pressed hard caviar, salting ястыков is in brine. From the films release already the salt product.
  • Ovary kind of product implemented without the removal of the films are cheaper than granular and pressed hard.

The use of black caviar

Полезные свойства черной икрыSuch a gourmet snack, as buy black caviar you can not only due to the wonderful taste, but also due to the high biological value. It is rich in protein, useful полинасыщенными fats, vitamins and rare microelements. Product, of course, is not a drug, but well helps to restore the health and normalize the functioning of internal organs.

How to submit?

Caviar of sturgeon fishes is typically served solo, because its taste do not need supplements. The gourmet food is usually served soft butter, crispy toasts of white bread or pancakes. However, if you wish to culinary websites you can find many recipes for snacks, hot dishes and even caviar.

In Russia for a snack is traditionally served ice-cold vodka, and in Europe this delicacy prefer to drink champagne.

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