В день рождения Кейт Мосс вышла новая биография модели

In birthday Kate Moss marking today 40th anniversary, publishing house Carlton Books issued a new biography of the model. Its author Chris Roberts traced all the phases of the life of a birthday: he writes about his childhood moss, and how in his youth, and saw her at the airport scout, model Agency, and the first outputs of the podium.

Also Roberts touched those related to private life Kate (because the details of the novel model with Johnny Depp interested in the audience as much as or more than stories about her career success).

It should be noted that with the heroine of his book Roberts not familiar: working on a biography, it was based on numerous publications in the press, as well as interviews with some of the friends of the models.

The author of the book says:

None of them said about her single bad word. First, then, they are friends. Secondly, around Kate and there was a circle of trust, which remains loyal to her, and she to him – until these people begin to discuss with the press of her privacy.

According to Roberts, the reluctance of moss communicate with journalists only strengthens the public interest to her persona:

She is mysterious as the Sphinx. I would say that no one except the closest friends really doesn’t know her… Contemporary artists have made her his Muse – as well as in its time became the art icon Marilyn Monroe. For Kate is great, it classifies it to a category of the divine, the eternal symbols of beauty – what was Marilyn.

The book includes some little known facts. So, biographer writes that with the model business connected not only Kate and, as we recently learned, her sister Lottie. Younger brother celebrity Nick also signed a contract with the Agency Storm after, as did Kate. They even filmed together in an advertising campaign Versace.

Also the author says in his book that after parting with the father of her daughter Jefferson Хэком moss paid to a former lover – neither more nor less than a million pounds.

In General, according to Roberts, the status of a cult figure, which boasts Kate, still somewhat exaggerated:

The truth is that she is probably the most ordinary London girl, but she managed to become a media phenomenon that changed the world, and to some extent, a symbol of the past few decades – the time when to be a celebrity to be recognizable person more fashionable than, for example, discuss Shakespeare.

Recall that for the anniversary Kate was shot documentary film about her life, which a few days ago saw the French viewers.

Обложка новой книги о Кейт Мосс
Cover of a new book about Kate moss

Кейт Мосс
Kate Moss

Кейт Мосс

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