Any woman dreams to have a beautiful face, but time is mercilessly. However, in recent years the sphere of cosmetology services has stepped far forward. Now for such a procedure, as facelift not necessarily making a costly surgical procedures that require more then a long and sometimes painful rehabilitation. Bioreinforcement – this is the way to achieve the same effect, but with less «victims» for the body and lifestyle.

Процедура биоармированияThe procedure is a subcutaneous injection of special preparations on the basis of hyaluronic acid – the main engine of the development of collagen and elastin – substances under the effect of the restored original face contour. Input drugs after exposure to dissolve in the tissues without any special procedures for their removal from the organism. The skin becomes elastic, and wrinkles.

Bioreinforcement not cause discomfort sensations as before the procedure applies to a special analgesic cream. Unlike surgical operations, this does not require long rehabilitation of rehabilitation as a skin practically are not violated. The method combines modern achievements and the use of traditional, proven tools. The effect is visible already after 1-2 procedures. Just need about three procedures, but the effect will last for a few years.

Биоармирование или лифтинг?This procedure is a way to prevent skin aging, effective lifting for women at the age of. Before the procedure, the need to carefully consider the type and features of the skin, and collect information about the General health of the client, in order to avoid side effects.

Bioreinforcement characterized by a number of contraindications, such as coagulation disorder of the skin; the tendency to the appearance of keloid cicatrices; infectious and inflammatory processes, as well as any disease aggravated. Also, the procedure is not recommended to pregnant women and women in the lactation period.

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