Today more women appreciated cosmetic oil for hair and a pleasure to use them. Such oil is a versatile tool that is suitable for any hair type. It can be used as a mask, means for care tips and hair styling. WANNA offers a selection of the best oils for hair 2013.

Line-room pampering oil for hair Elixir Ultime from Kerastase

After the overwhelming success of the oil Elixir Ultime brand Kerastase expanded line-room pampering oils, releasing oil for different hair types. In the new scheme means you can find oil for delicate and sensitive, damaged or colored hair.

Oil for damaged hair Elixir Ultime Immortal Moringa обогощено complexes Oleo-Comlex and vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, iron and magnesium.

Treatment for color-treated hair Elixir Ultime with Imperial Tea is composed of Oleo-Comlex and extracts of white tea.

In the oil for thin and sensitive hair Elixir Ultime with Millenium Rose you will find all the same Oleo-Comlex, vitamin E and extract millennial roses.

It is noteworthy that the flavor of each product is based on the compositions of famous spirits. So, fragrance oils for damaged hair corresponds парфюму Flower by Kenzo, oil stained – Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, and the scent of funds for thin and sensitive hair is similar with the spirits Aromatonic from Lancome. The approximate cost of each product – 400 UAH.

Extraordinary oil for coloured hair Elseve, L‘oreal Paris

Oil from Elseve specially developed for the needs of dyed hair. In structure you will find 6 valuable colors: oil Lotus leaf, chamomile, Tiare flower and нивяника, rose oil and flax seeds. Thanks to these valuable ingredients, means intensively nourishes the hair, protects from the negative effects of the environment, gives a vital strength, Shine and radiance. The approximate cost is 40 UAH.

Oil-elixir of Garnier Fructis

Oil-elixir of Garnier Fructis enriched аграновым oil. The tool has a light, weightless a texture that is instantly absorbed, without weighing the hair. Oil repairs, nourishes and moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Approximate cost of UAH 37.

Multi purpose oil Nutriextra Huil Extraordinaire from Vichy

Dry oil Nutriextra Huil Extraordinaire is a universal product 3-in-1, which is suitable for hair, face and body. In his part 6 of natural oils. This product can be applied on the entire length of hair or only at the ends, both dry and wet hair. Oil is excellent repairs, nourishes and gives the hair a chic Shine. Approximate cost – 230 UAH.

Oil for hair Beauty Elixir from Syoss

The peculiarity of this oil is a unique formula Oleo Intense that is activated by heat. Thus, using keyboard instruments, we were not harming, but on the contrary – treat hair. Oil Beauty Elixir with микромаслами perfectly nourishes and restores hair without weighing, and also gives a significant elasticity and Shine. The approximate cost is 40 UAH.

Elixir with argan oil Pantene Pro-V

Means of a new line of Oil Therapy does not increase the weight, nourishes and gives the hair Shine. After applying the elixir of Pantene Pro-V hair Shine, easy to comb and acquire seductive volume. Approximate cost of funds – UAH 45.

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