Alpha and omega proper manicure is correctly chosen nail-file. There are many subtleties of the selection of this tool, and our today’s material will help you quickly navigate even for a beginner.

One of the most important accessories in the women’s make-up bag – nail file nail for treatment of nails. This pledge of beautiful, well-groomed appearance of the nails, and strong nerves to their owner – how many times girls and women experienced when split nail became a reason of «arrows» on stockings and stockings! So without nail files to anyone not do. Even regular manicure salon does not annul the daily trim nails with nail files. But how the ladies to choose the right one, the right nail file, which will not injure the nail and inhibit its growth, which will be executed and the finest quality materials? How not to get lost among a variety of shapes and sizes? This will tell the today’s material.

Selection rules

Manicure all the rules – not the field to pass. It is like art. And the first step on the way to beautiful nails is a selection of good tools. The most popular manicure tool is the file. It is used in salons, and at home. This is very useful and very necessary nail accessory that helps to correct the shortcomings, and to give the nail new form. What a nail file to choose and not be mistaken? Choose the file is on several criteria: rigidity, shape, materials. It is impossible to buy cheap and low quality files – they’ll just ruin the nail plate. Most sparing are nail files are made of polyurethane or ceramics, and more «technological» laser. How to choose a nail file, the most suitable for every concrete person, experts.

Selection criteria

Not to be mistaken with a choice of nail accessory this, you should remember the following features abrasion/stiffness and forms of factoring. Today rigidity nail files is the key characteristics that affect the selection tool. Measure the stiffness depends on the deposition on the surface of the files; it is measured in so-called grit. Remember that the smaller the size of abrasiveness, the harder the file. Most hard saws suitable for processing acrylic nails, sparing – natural. Form files, is also essential for the proper manicure. From this criterion will depend on how it will be convenient to handle the nail surface. Forms nail files exist in great numbers, so creative girls will enjoy. There are straight, curved, figure tools, which feature a stylish design and high quality materials.

Manicure nail file is the choice of professionals

Experts believe that choosing a nail file, you should pay attention not only on the degree of abrasiveness and form factor, but also the material basis. The most durable and sturdy are wooden, but care involves a lot of nuances to avoid moisture, store it in a separate case, etc. According to plague many women, ceramic cutting – best nail files. They are ideally suited for machining of brittle and layering plates. Bright cardboard files is a great toy. But not serious manicure tool. They can be used. if you need a little bit to adjust the form of the nail and Polish it. But what nail files is better to decide to women and girls.

Choosing the right nail file, will help to make manicure durable and aesthetic. But do not forget about the little things – orange stick cuticle, the softening gel and oil for processing of the nail plate.


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