Company «Marcia Teixeira» continues active work on the creation of effective means for the recovery and maintenance of health of hair.

New brand is an intensive therapy for recovery and detoxification hair Perola by «Marcia Teixeira».

The health of the hair depends on many factors. On them adversely impact the environment, frequent coloring, accumulate harmful substances contained in mismatched means of home care. These substances disrupt the structure and prevent normal nutrition hair, so they should be promptly removed. Regular shampoos are unable to cope with this problem, so the company Mahsa Teixeira has developed intensive therapy for detoxification hair with the purpose of its recovery.  

Restores the hair and cleansing from the pollution not only on their surface, the preparation penetrates deeply into the structure and shaft of each hair, reduces the concentration of harmful substances to a minimum, and provides them with normal nutrition.
In the composition of intensive therapy include enzymes and antioxidants Perola – hydrolyzed of the black pearl.

This concept has come to us from Portugal. Due to the interaction of antioxidants in the hair shaft (cuticle, cortex, medula) penetrate glycolic and Glyoxylic acid, and remove all contaminants. In addition, vitamins A, D, E, F fatty acids omega-3, 6, 9 Baobab oil and Moringa deeply nourish hair, providing Shine and elasticity.

Enzymes and antioxidants black pearl, included in the Perola from Marcia Teixeira, are able to return to life, even so called «dead hair.» Intensive therapy Perola from TM Marcia Teixeira lets you strengthen your hair and give them strength. The unique composition of the funds provides complete recovery of hair.

The intensive therapy Perola by Marcia Teixeira only in salons, specially trained craftsmen, and developed sets for home care – for maintaining the results of therapy that provides comprehensive care and protection.

For the procedure in the salon to 30 minutes, and glitter and smoothing will be ensured hair on the whole 30 days.

Perola by Marcia Teixeira is a unique therapy for hair, which was developed separately for blondes and brunettes, that would have given the differences in the structure of the hair of a certain type of ensuring the maximum effect and healthier hair.

Home care

Tools for home care «Perola» are presented in two sets – for blondes and brunettes, taking into account the different needs of each type of hair for the optimal daily care.

Thanks to the combination of useful ingredients oil Moringa, macadamia, extracts from the flowers of baobab and minerals, home care «Perola» guarantees the restoration of hair inside, gives maximum smoothness, and Shine

• Mild cleansing shampoo «Purify Shampoo» for blondes /brunettes

Shampoo for everyday use, even for sensitive skin. Thanks keratin included in the «Purify Shampoo» hair becomes soft, silky and shiny.

• Air conditioning – mask «Infuse Conditioning Masque» for blondes /brunettes

It is well-balanced, deeply moisturising conditioner, nurture and protect the hair, the maximum filling it from within. Protects from the influence of harmful factors. Thanks argan oil and extracts of flowers baobab, air conditioning smoothes porous and dry hair, gives them a dazzling Shine, makes them more manageable.

• Serum ends «Illuminate Serum-blondes /brunettes

Unique easy serum fits perfectly for all types of hair, moisturizes the hair and gives a luminescent glow. Has UV protection. Eliminates fluffy, smoothes porous ends at 100%, making the hair soft and silky.

Where to have intensive therapy Perola from Marcia Teixeira and acquire the means for home care:


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