бежевый дизайн ногтей фотоChoosing the color of the nail to consider not only the trends of the season, but the colour and style of clothes. For business style suitable neutral color manicure or classic French. Warm shades of milk and cream colors accentuate the natural and the image of femininity.

бежевый дизайн для ногтей фото

Beige color is universal and combined with almost any outfit. But if you have preferred beige design of nails, then be sure to add to his image of some bright accessory. Otherwise the risk to merge with the world around you.

бежевый дизайн на ногти фото

бежевый дизан ногтей с рисунком фото

Beige shades, it’s a classic nail design, it’s like a little black dress Coco Chanel, always fashionable, contemporary look.

бежевый дизайн ногтей с узором фото

Depending on your mood you can give your manicure any texture – perfect gloss, soft velvet or imitation cracks.

бежевый дизайн ногтей леопард фото

And can, based on the classics, turn beige nail design in a mysterious and charming beauty, capable to emphasize the blazing passion.

For this, you need three shades of varnishes – mother-of-pearl, beige and brown.

  • Cover the nail plate pearlescent paint
  • Following a scheme, apply beige nail nail tip.
  • Spend the black stripes on the intersection of colors.
  • Tip cover black lacquer. If you want to make this design softer shades, use instead of black paint brown or Golden.
  • Using a thin brush, spend Golden line.

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