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Justin Bieber made a new tattoo

Джастин Бибер сделал новую татуировку

Justin Bieber, traveling to Australia as part of a tour Believe World Tour, made a new tattoo. Now on the left hand canadian singer emblazoned eagle.

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Home rejuvenating mask for hands

домашние маски для рук

To our hands do not inadvertently issued our age, and added a couple of the other tens of years, for them requires care, care for and again to care. All sorts of creams smear скрабить, masks do regularly indulge manicure, strengthen nails vitamins to strengthen these most nail to use. Ask them to live-when? That’s why the following recipes home rejuvenating masks hand that’s easy enough, within walking distance to the fridge and kitchen counter.

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Rest in Belarus is always good weather!

belarus-rssNot all people know that in Belarus it is very nice to relax. While in sanatoriums, you can improve your health with less money. Where do you go? Read More →

The Ceremony "Golden Gramophone"-2013

Церемония "Золотой Граммофон"-2013

In the Kremlin Palace hosted the traditional ceremony “Golden gramophone”, stars which are Vera Brezhneva, Sergey Zverev, Philip Kirkorov and other artists.

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