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Oil facial cleanser

очищение лица маслом

Here, the principle that like dissolves like that, and consisting of sebum grease caps in our pores are best removed is oil, that is, all the same fat. Besides, ceasing надраивать skin with soap and harsh abrasives, we significantly reduce the excretion of fat, which in turn will lead to reduction of the amount of the acne and that is also nice, narrowing of pores.

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Homemade masks for acne and acne

домашние маски от прыщей и угрей

If your skin is really annoying you sudden and permanent invasions of acne and blackheads, then it stands to take with full seriousness and responsibility. The most important thing here on time clear, отщелушить, nourish and moisturize, that is, to wash, to поскрабиться something moisturizes-nutritious spread. In periods of rapid burst of acne and прыщавой activity will not be superfluous and продезинфицироваться, but without excessive fanaticism.

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Spray with sea salt with their hands

спрей с морской солью своими руками


Текстурирующие sprays with sea salt, able to create the effect of beach waves, today extremely popular and, as usual, roads. This will cost you 50 times cheaper groceries and that it is quite possible to be even 100 times better. But the proof is in the pudding.

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Monstrous, manicure: how to make

Something new and unusual in our way immediately becomes the subject of discussion in other people. However, such an interest only warms up our efforts to look original and unusual. One of the tools to create an image of a manicure and carefully designed. That such a monstrous, manicure, and do this, we will tell you on the website […] Read More →

Do wedding video from photos

svadrolik-rssNow wedding photos are nothing new. And here is a video made of them. Let us consider its advantages and how it can be done. Read More →

Marry a foreigner: why and how to prepare?

inostran-rssHaving decided to choose as a partner in life foreigner many women face some difficulties. Let’s look at what it is and how to resolve them? Read More →

Variety of his leisure dance lessons

tancy-rssCurrently there is just a huge number of dance schools. And it’s not so simple, many people have already realized that dances give a lot of useful things. Read More →

Care of long hair in the heat

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Natural deodorants own hands

дезодорант своими руками

Two recipes homemade deodorants. Solid oil, soda, starch ethers – that’s all you deodorant and without any aluminum salts and other modern horror stories. The effectiveness of deodorants should be checked in practice, the author of the recipe says that even in extremely потливую pregnancy she really helped. So what should and see us some time to try, and then suddenly aluminium salts and actually carcinogenic? All happens in life.

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Nail design with fimo: characteristics of fimo and master class

Bright and cute figurines of decorating nails modern and bright girl, have become a common design option. Increasingly, professionals and ordinary women have resorted to the use of these striking plates to create a beautiful mi neat manicure. What is nail design with fimo, and which features of its implementation exist, will tell you on the website What is fimo? […] Read More →