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Radical weight loss - what is it fraught with for the health?

radical-pohud-rssThe majority of women who resort to drastic weight loss do not think about how much it’s harmful. We are going to cover in this article. Read More →

Express tools body cuisine

средства для тела из кухни


And re-engage with foreign Internet fields. This time the English beauty bloggers will share the secrets of cosmetics, cooked in the kitchen. The recipes are selected according to the principle of simplicity and low cost and the possibility to go right now to the kitchen and cook, without any additional problems and follow the General cleaning of the whole apartment.

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SPA-procedures for the hair at home

How to make your hair smooth and shiny? Read More →

Home beauty shop

домашний салон красоты


Here and gone are the days when it was believed that the more obscure words in the composition of the purchased for a lot of money funds the tool better and certainly more effective. Now we all know what preservatives, silicones and other parabens, so now fashionable to treat your skin are only the means, the composition of which is clear and simple, for example, olive oil with oatmeal.

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Recipe for nutritious masks Read More →

What’s cooking Read More →

How to choose a dry shampoo?

Useful tips, prices, user manual Read More →

Should I use a horse shampoo?

Pros and cons of cosmetics Read More →

Homemade facial masks

домашние маски для лица


Homemade facial masks are good, availability, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, the creative component. Because it is so interesting, намешать own, unique homemade facial mask and see what happens, and then намешать another and see that this time it will. This process is infinite and so is remarkable.

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Pedicure summer 2013: summer trends in the trendy pedicure

There came the warmest time of the year – summer, and everything comes to life blossoms, including women. And as you know, the woman should be maintained from the tips of your toes to the tips of your toes. After all, we must care not only for their own hands, but also for our beautiful legs. Today our site talk about […] Read More →