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Linseed oil for hair

льняное масло для волос


Another, have not yet explored on our website, filled with Goodies for shop – linseed oil. Very, very specific taste, but very useful for external use. Then you and all your favorite omega acids and practically the entire complex of vitamins shop A, E, K and extremely useful for hair vitamins of group B. So are doing and smear, are doing and smear.

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How to give the hair volume

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Fashionable ways of washing: a brief overview plus video

очищение лица


Mode exists at all, even on a daily washing. This is especially noticeable now, in the era of global Internet beauty boom. As only one end of the planet with the feeling that another revolutionary idea cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and rejuvenation, so at the other end of a planet it picked up and in the mass, that is the beauty blogs suffered.

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Marble manicure nail: master-classes, as do

Neat nails and creative design is one of the decorations of the modern woman. And if many people prefer to settle for natural beauty, periodically, as the diversity and changing it in French, we on the website decided not to be limited to such rigid frames, picked up for you a new variant of painting your nails – marble manicure. And that is the marble […] Read More →

Hot wraps from cellulite

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условиях


Still, it would seem, recently it was impossible to imagine that намажешься something pleasantly hot, you get under the blanket and there thou shalt happy to lie. But it was summer, and in autumn, and, moreover, in winter, under a blanket to lie as much handier, and if and to the benefit of beauty that is one of the surest means of autumn and winter Blues!

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Homemade facial masks with grapes

домашние маски для лица с виноградом

Red grapes are famous for its rejuvenating properties, green, especially varieties with a bit of sourness, unusually good for oily, угреватой and porous skin. If desired, both types of grapes, you can mix and get a remedy for wrinkles and acne in one bottle, jar or bowl, just to solve cosmetic problems of the modern woman, of which the majority of acne has not yet passed, and the wrinkles have already appeared.

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Homemade scrub and mask for a beautiful body

домашние маски для тела

You can, of course, contemptuously хмыкнуть and declare that the мажься, without diet and sports a beautiful body still don’t get. But, if nothing smudge, too beautiful body’t get any, and wilted and rough something, although, perhaps, places and stony-muscled. So diets diets, sports sports and cream with chocolate is not a sin somehow be covered with at least a couple of times a week and wine with honey and тростинковым sugar поскрабиться from time to time, too.

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Homemade masks for hair honey

домашние маски для волос с медом


Honey, without a doubt, a true gift of nature, and for those who sincerely believe and a panacea for all, including cosmetic, misfortunes. If «all»is, perhaps, too strong, something about cosmetic – could be, but also, of course, not all, but many, very many. It even children know and honey is never neglected.

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Bilateral manicure: how do master class

In our bright minds constantly come different ideas on creating a manicure, options designs that are, to use huge popularity, become hits. So where do we get these ideas? As it turned out, most of them lying on the surface. And just need to understand and present the idea to others. And bilateral manicure, became a hit 2013. That is […] Read More →

Acute respiratory diseases among children - the first symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment

orvi-rssFor children SARS is transferred much more difficult than in adults. Therefore, to avoid any complications it is important to recognize him. How to do this quickly and accurately? Read More →