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Two home cellulite scrub

домашние скрабы от целлюлита

Scrub cellulite, perhaps, the least costly in time and effort way to combat this scourge. Moreover, unlike teeth on edge over diet and exercise, from the soul поскрабиться much nicer any hunger strikes and sit-UPS. Of course, sweet-flour-fat-fried also worth a limit to a reasonable level, and squats too anyone else failed, but поскрабиться still much nicer!

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Pedicure fish: features

Salon enables any woman feel like a Queen, break away from everyday life and finally to fully relax. Besides, workers of the industry of beauty care about their visitors and constantly offer various new items that can satisfy even the most sophisticated client. Pedicure fish is just one of such novelties. This direction of cosmetology yet provided only in […] Read More →

The design of the square nails

The beauty of women is largely determined by its willingness to regularly take care of herself. Attention should be paid to the skin, hair, and nails. Beautiful manicures, tender skin of hands and a properly selected Lac create the unique charm of each of the fair sex. Giving the nails of a certain form is one of the main points of the programme of hand care. The square shape of the nail plate enjoys perhaps the biggest […] Read More →

Homemade masks from blackheads on the nose

домашние маски от черных точек

Black point, they acne, they clogged pores is, of course, very ugly, especially when this rare natural misunderstanding decorates the most outstanding part of our face – nose. You can, of course, squeeze, but then a couple of days exactly will find the swollen red nose of a drunkard, and a couple of acne on the foreground, so it makes sense to try to get rid of acne is not so radical, but much more gentle way to our skin, for example, homemade masks from the black dots.

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Neon manicure master-class, tips and videos

This summer, the hottest and brightest trends is neon shoes, clothes and various accessories. It is such a brilliant style can attract people’s attention to you and to your image. If you have already tried themselves in this style, bought a neon shoes or clothes, it’s time to try neon manicure. And exactly how it is done today […] Read More →

Home remedies for stretch marks on the skin

домашние средства от растяжек на коже тела

The reason for the appearance of stretch marks on the skin can become a pregnancy, rapid weight gain or weight loss, rapid growing up, when the skinny girl too quickly becoming a woman, and more. Whatever the reason for the appearance of stretch marks, to make them not as noticeable or, if lucky, and completely get rid of them to help our good old peeling, moisturizing, nutrition and firming.

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The rough skin on the heels

The problem of dry skin on the heels are not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also can lead to unpleasant consequences. What danger carries rough skin on the heels and how to make the feet soft and gentle, read the article from the site Causes of dry skin Often stop […] Read More →

Fashion nails summer 2013: bright trends summer manicure

Summer is the time enjoying the beauty of nature, but throughout her life. In this period, the nature wakes up from sleep, smells fresh, I want to live and enjoy every moment of a new day. Designers also do not sleep during this time period. They are working on a new fashions and trends. The designers were not a party, of course, and […] Read More →

Yellow toenails and hands

Nail condition indicates the degree of well-groomed woman, but her health. And yellowness does not add to the shop, on the contrary, looks like such a sight, at least, not very appealing. This is not to mention the fact that the yellow nails on the hands and feet may indicate the flow in the body of serious diseases. What can […] Read More →