Бьюти-итоги 2013: лучшие новинки и главные события

Natalia Vodianova at the opening of Guerlain boutique in Paris

SPLETNIK.RU continues to sum up the results of the year of 2013. Today we have decided to recall the most significant events, the best and the latest and the main trends in the beauty industry.

Discovery of the year

So, let’s start with the recent opening of the renewed flagship boutique Guerlain Paris by historical address 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The first cult for the French “Mecca” of beauty appeared in 1913. The owner of the brand company LVMH not sparing redesign: luxurious polished ceiling from Haas Brothers and four shining chandeliers from the legendary manufacturer of glass Baccarat.

Guerlain boutique became twice more: on 2 thousand square meters повился hall with a lot of mirrors and the gourmet restaurant, Le 68. Responsible for the updated design of the store – American architect Peter Marino, last year was awarded by the government of France knight of the Royal order of Arts and literature. Before Marino invented luxurious interiors for shops Fendi, Christian Dior and Chanel. According to him, the main thing is a mixture of modern and old, to boutique caused Association with the house, and not commercial premises.

With regard to the flagship Guerlain, celebrate Golden bees (emblem of the fashion house), hanging from the ceiling: this part of the installation Flight of bees” by an artist Gerard Шоло. Of course, the beauty visited the opening of the year Natalia Vodianova as the face of a cult brand.

Natalia Vodianova

Breakthrough on the Russian beauty market

Sensation of the year was the entry on the Russian market of skin care products from the French-Korean brand Erborian: religious BB-creams with ginseng align skin tone, hide defects such as pimples and scars vessels, moisturize, nourish and protect from the sun by a factor SPF 25. In addition, the skin becomes as smooth as a baby. Unique means of adapting to any skin tone, making it a natural effect. In the formula creams – special pigments that allow a person to “breathe”.

The second breakthrough 2013 on the Russian market, the iconic American Smashbox cosmetics. Eleven primers brand so impressive that have long become an absolute must-have for presenters, Actresses, singers and models around the world. Plus to this, the brand has a lot of good tone creams, blush, eyeshadow, блесков, lipsticks and brushes professional quality.

Let’s remind, Smashbox was created in Los Angeles in the same Studio, founded by the great-grandchildren of max Factor brothers Dean and Davis. In 2000, the sale of a legendary primer Photo Finish Foundation, aiming to make the makeup maximum persistent: constant “dusting nose” during a photo session impeded the work of photographers. In 2007, all began to use cameras with high resolution, so that Smashbox invented a revolutionary powder Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, thanks to which the skin models on the photo does not look either dry or weighted.

Stunning new this year – CC cream Camera Ready SPF 30, which adjusts the tone, tighten pores and controls sebum. In addition, the tool protects from harmful solar radiation, moisturizes and masks pigmentation, as well as traces of post-acne. Antioxidant complex C-Phyte+ with vitamins C and E and stimulates collagen and minimizes visible signs of aging. Complex Phytowhite with cucumber extract, Apple and the root of Scutellaria baicalensis bleaches the skin and smoothes the skin, reducing inflammation.

So now we can buy in Russia stunningly effective toners, created and tested in a real Studio.

Stellar year contract entered into a brand L’oreal with actress Blake Lively. 26-year-old Hollywood star has become the new envoy of the cosmetic brand, because, according to the President of the international brand Сириля Шапуи, embodies the glamour in pure form and became an icon of beauty for a generation”.

Blake Lively

Top 6 celebrity-campaign of the year

1. 27-year-old actress Megan Fox for the brand Avon. Beautiful advertising aroma Instict fascinates magnetism American actress. Vice President of global marketing Avon Denise McEvoy said:

Nobody radiates so much sensuality, as Megan – men and women find it beautiful. It is the ideal Ambassador, this charming and slightly dangerous perfume, as Instinct.

меган фокс


2. 31-year-old Russian model Natalia Vodianova for Christmas collection Guerlain Crazy Paris – a lot of glamour, pink neon and French chic.


3. The 32-year-old Hollywood actress Natalie Portman for makeup collections Dior Nude – natural beauty in a completely new design.


4. 23-year-old star of “Harry Potter” Emma Watson in summer advertising campaign Lancome In Love – juicy, bright and fresh.


5. 28-year-old British actress Keira Knightley continued to conquer our hearts advertising frames for the Chanel: aroma Coco Mademoiselle blends perfectly with femininity and the romance of the model.


6. Robert Pattinson for Dior: only sensuality, masculinity and fantastic aroma. And in the twilight, and in the light of day.


Watch it on YouTube

Beauty is a collaborative project of the year – this is, without a doubt, the tandem creative Director Lanvin Alber Elbaz and brand Lancome: funny, incredibly touching sketches on the cases of mascara, eyeshadow and false eyelashes subdued not only us, but also fans of beauty and fashion around the world. On each vial or tube – blue asterisk, red hearts, pink polka dot and green eyes.

Collection Hypnôse Show entirely focused on the beauty of women’s eyes, that it was the decision of the designer:

During his shows, I’m backstage, and when I go in the end of the show the audience all that I can see the eyes of the people. The eye is a new fashion accessory. People who are obsessed with makeup: it is the most complex and can completely change your appearance. With regard lipstick, if you like pink shades, you will always wear make-up that way. If you like buildable, you will always use the favorite means. But as far as the eyes, if you play above the eyebrows, use eyeliner and mascara – you can completely transform into the other person in the good sense of the phrase.

In a limited line Elbaz – four dead to the best-selling brand Lancome: Hypnôse Drama, Hypnôse Doll Lashes, Hypnôse Star and Définicils.

In addition, albert invented a stunning design for packaging a set of false eyelashes Hypnôse Show Falsies.

 The final chord of the Maestro Elbaz – four samples of shadows.

Watch it on YouTube

After we remembered the most celebrated beauty of the event, the turn has come to call the best means of 2013.

The best means of skin care

In 2013, almost all religious care products upgraded its composition. Иконическая night serum from Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II doubled its possibilities, thanks to the inclusion in the composition of the patented detox formula. Fantastically effective product even stronger improves the natural skin renewal processes at night, which is so necessary for preserving youth.

In addition, the day of a magical means of minimizing the number of free radicals and protects against environmental influences. As a result, wrinkles is significantly reduced, the skin becomes smooth, moist and supple, and you receive a healthy glow. Even if you managed to sleep a couple of hours, nobody would guess.

The real breakthrough of the year – anti-aging serum B.A. Grandluxe II second-generation brand Pola – Japanese technologies, as always, the results surpassed all our expectations. Formula deep penetration boasts rare components, saturating the skin glow from within. Note excellent hydration, effective control of pigmentation and restore elasticity due to the update of collagen fibers. The unique aroma of petals of rose and Jasmine also displays serum in our top-list.

Another serum-champion – this is a unique Double anti-aging Serum performed by brand Clarins, which incorporates more than 20 extracts of bark катафрая, green banana, thyme, kiwi and others. Beauty editor SPLETNIK.RU declares with confidence: a new double formula serum significantly rejuvenates, makes skin elastic, reduces pores and returns a healthy glow.

The following award goes to the stunning serum, correcting the shape of the face, called Serum Affinant Visage from mark Eisenberg: a miracle product not only tightens, models and restores skin elasticity, and is significantly opposes sagging skin on the chin and neck. Whey has a gel texture and immediately penetrates the skin, working in its depth under your cream. Due to extracts of the cacao tree and caffeine, our beauty-favorite year eliminates fat in the cells. Moreover, the molecule глауцина ensures the synthesis of new collagen and returned skin tone.

As always, among the leaders of the year – the Chanel brand and trio absolutely innovative complementary room pampering funds: Le Jour, La Nuit Le Weekend, which restores the key functions of the skin and normalizes the natural rhythms of her pack. The first step – Le Jour with Jasmine complex – returns the skin energy and promotes cell renewal. Pores are narrowed, and the tone is aligned. The skin is incredibly smooth and radiant. Note easy and fresh texture tool.

The second stage on the way to beautiful skin – La Nuit extract incense – works hard at night. Product soothes the skin cells after the daily stress. Hyaluronic acid overnight helps the skin to recharge your batteries and get saturated with moisture. When you Wake up you will: so elastic, rested and fresh skin of the face, it would seem, can be achieved only in the long holidays.

And the third is a cult product in the range Chanel – powerful action and gentle milk for тестуре Le Weekend, which should be applied once or twice a week. Water may rose in combination with a special glycol complex moisturizes and exfoliates the dead cells. Skin texture brought to perfection – elastic and smooth and glowing from the inside, so it will be after the first week of use care miracle-line.

Best make-up preparations

First of all we note lipstick Le Rouge Givenchy in the new шедевральном tube from lamb skin from designer Ricardo Quiet. Amazing color palette and the maximum moisturizing lip – what this lipstick became a favorite of all the beauty editors of leading glossy magazines and, of course, SPLETNIK.RU. Dignity Le Rouge are undeniable: the velvety texture, firmness, pleasant to wear and stunning color. In the end, lips smooth, supple and hydrated throughout the day. Our favorite shade – juicy pomegranate!

Next, present the beauty award from SPLETNIK.RU brand Clinique for allergenic lipsticks A Different Nail Enamel is a real breakthrough in the field of manicure. It turns out, the most common cause of irritation to eyes and skin – namely varnish, because during the day we touch the face dozens of times. Now allergic reaction we do not threatened. Brilliant, extremely resistant color and durable coating, similar to the gel, out of the competition.

The main phrase of the year – Chubby Stick. The legendary gloss lip brand Clinique combine the advantages of lipstick, tinted balm, and a pencil. Many brands have literally rushed creating clones – Lip Crayon from Laura Mercier and Twist from Collistar. It is a pity that Clinique had not patented ultra-nourishing miracle карандашики oils mango and Shi. In the collection – 16 in natural shades with a soft brilliance.

Next appeared on the market and cream shade Chubby Stick, which also instantly turned into a must-have for the year. Compact, incredibly comfy and persistent, a stunning shade give translucent Bountiful natural color Beige with variable density of coverage. Silky formula with vitamin E, allows beauty product never crumble, be applied perfectly straight and delight for a long lasting durability. Of course, we are delighted with the beloved by us corporate “pencil” design Chubby Stick – just turn the base of the pencil, draw on age and close.

Main make-up trend of the year – matte skin. We warmly loved by post in Luke Instagram, and the beautiful selfie, with a brilliant person doesn’t work, looks sloppy. So, no wonder: all top brands have released a lot of frosting tonal resources. Decent unit. We chose his hero – tonal basis Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation with a protection factor SPF 20. Lightweight and high level of beauty IQ: product matte finish the fatty areas of the skin and moisturizes zone prone to dryness. An extremely long-wearing basis, there are 12 hours in a row.

The most spectacular, luxurious and memorable makeup collection in 2013 is a Collection Privee in nude style of the brand L’oreal: отрясающие pastel shades of nail Polish and lipstick Colour Riche created four фенотипам. Nude – primarily, natural, and because all women are different types of appearance, for each of the naturalness of its own. Fascinating advertising campaign Даутцен Croesus, Eva Longoria, Julian Moore and Jennifer Lopez demonstrating the couture beauty novelties, finally conquered our strict, but the objective of the editor.

Eva Longoria and Даутцен Croesus

The best means of body care and products for the bathroom

Hit of the year among the beauty of funds for the bathroom – almond-honey foam with coconut milk, Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath from Laura Mercier to authenticity even attached a wooden stick for honey: with this creative tool very easily type tool from the jar and put it under a stream of water. Foam makes the skin is simply unrealistic fragrant honey perfume stays on the body throughout the day. Moreover, sweet yummy perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The final appearance on the stage beauty heroes of year again predictably got a brand Chanel: just drop intensive bath oils Chanel No.5 turns water into milk white elixir, fragrant Jasmine and rose. After a luxurious aromatherapy procedures on soft and velvety skin is a crazy veil of the iconic designer perfume.

Dear gossip, revision SPLETNIK.RU appreciates and wants to know your opinion – what do you think a breakthrough year in the field of beauty? And what beauty means that you remember in 2013 more than the rest?

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