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Hypoallergenic lipsticks: how to choose

With the development of the nail industry on the shelves of stores includes a huge range of products, nail care and to create the Premier manicure. But, unfortunately, not every woman can afford to buy the first available lacquer, shade which she asked. The point here allergies and the necessity of purchasing goods special groups for self-care and […] Read More →

Single-handed hand cream (video)

домашний крем для рук


Hand care at home has a number of advantages, among which save time and money is not the last place. Of course, homemade manicure at first might significantly differ from professional, but it is only at first. Over the years will come and experience and skill and dexterity.

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How to arrange a gym at home?

trenazhery-rssEveryone wants to look good. To do this, many people visit fitness clubs and sport. However, it is quite a good gym can be done at home. How? Read More →

Cleaning - not for women

uborka-rssIf you have a small apartment, then remove it easily. But what if you live in a large private house? Here you just can’t cope without assistance. Read More →

What hypnosis is and what he can do?

gipnoz-rssHypnosis nowadays are widely used many psychotherapists. Let’s see, what is this, what it treats and what is the attitude of the official medicine. Read More →

Top 7 of hair care products after the holidays

Effective medications Read More →

Three simple homemade masks for deep regeneration of the hair

домашние маски для глубокого восстановления волос


Want to quickly repair damaged hair and not particularly to exert his purse, and in the case of a sudden failure’t get next to useless jars and bottles with advertised miraculous means? Then gelatin, protein, yogurt and avocado in your hands, and then on the hair.

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Homemade masks for lifting and rejuvenation of face

домашние маски для подтяжки и омоложения лица


Today we will again turn to foreign wisdom English-language Internet resources and learn how to tighten and smooth the skin of the face in the home foreign beauty bloggers. There also honored our good old eggs, but they are mixed not only with oil and lemon juice and bananas, yogurt, avocado, rice flour and papaya. Sounds very intriguing, isn’t it?

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Oil for hair at home (video)

масло для волос в домашних условиях

Oil once again become the most fashionable subject in today’s beauty industry. Following the modern fashion trends, we generously умасливаем a variety of oils from head to toe. About the head, but rather about the hair, and we are going to tell. This oil for hair will not contain silicon, which, by the way, generously spiced almost all of purchased oil, but there will be some extremely useful for our hair oils, including essential. However, in the case of home cooking oil for hair need to understand the principle, and then to play composition as deem fit.

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Anti-aging Facials of two components

омолаживающие маски для лица

To the skin Shine youth and beauty, does not necessarily mix homemade facial masks twelve ingredients, five of whom have since the week to insist. You can do much less time, means and nerves. Take, for example, the following anti-aging Facials only two components that must exist in any average refrigerator and a kitchen Cabinet.

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