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Calendar Сплетника": 7 the best films of Kevin costner

Календарь "Сплетника": 7 лучших фильмов Кевина Костнера

Today Kevin Костнеру celebrates its 59 years. SPLETNIK.RU congratulates actor with a birthday presents you the 7 best roles birthday.

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Miroslava Duma for Roger Vivier: new footage and video

Мирослава Дума для Roger Vivier: новые кадры и видео

In the network there are new footage and video from the shooting area of the advertising campaign of the brand Roger Vivier, the face of which was Miroslava Duma.

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Weekly battle covers: 13

Еженедельная битва обложек: 13.01—19.01

This week in “the battle covers met only three editions: HELLO!, OK! and Star of the Hit. We offer you to determine the best of the three.

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Birthday Kate moss got a new biography of the model

В день рождения Кейт Мосс вышла новая биография модели

Kate moss today marks the 40th anniversary, and to this event was timed to the release of a new book tells about the life of British top model.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson at the screening of the movie "give me shelter

Ванесса Хадженс и Росарио Доусон на показе фильма "Подари мне убежище"

Last night in Hollywood hosted a presentation of the film “give me shelter”, starring in which performed Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson.

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Maggie Гилленхол: "I love Abbey Даунтон"

Мэгги Гилленхол: "Я люблю "Аббатство Даунтон"

The show “Abbey Даунтон” millions of fans around the world, among which and Maggie Гилленхол. Recently, the actress confessed to the popular телепроекту.

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Francois Hollande refused to discuss personal life

Франсуа Олланд отказался обсуждать личную жизнь

Francois Hollande did not discuss with journalists the details of their relations with Valerie Триервейлер, but confirmed that they now have a “difficult period”. News reports blogger schinat.

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Golden globe-2014": Bob, ASTL, care and other short haircuts stars

"Золотой глобус-2014": боб, паж, каре и другие короткие стрижки звезд

In our next review of Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Osbourne, Helen Mirren, Naomi watts, and other guests of the “Golden globe”, their preference for short hairstyles.

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Oil manicure: how do ways

Well-groomed hands and nails has long been considered a sign of good income, a high level of life and simply integral attribute of appeal. Beauty salons vying stores offer their attenders new procedures to give the skin of the hands of the velvetiness and soft. Site wants to highlight is quite popular today care method handles, namely oil manicure. Who shows this procedure? Hot manicure using […] Read More →

New footage of the film, directed by Wes Anderson's "the Grand Budapest"

Новые кадры фильма Уэса Андерсона "Отель "Гранд Будапешт"

In the network there are new film footage of Wes Anderson’s “the Grand Budapest” with Jude Lowe, Рейфом Fiennes, Эдвартом Norton and other actors in the roles.

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