маникюр металлик фотоWhat to choose: a trip to the salon or a manicure? The answer is obvious. The presence of a certain skill, ideas and material – all you need.

To convince you that we’ve put pictures on nail design reflect the most beautiful ways in the world is probably silly: everyone sees the beauty in different ways. To look at the photos of different kinds of design, accept, and something to postpone until next time – this is the purpose of the narrative.

First, about the directions of nail design, which are considered fashionable in 2013 and will remain in favor of the year to come:

френч фото

  • French in different manifestations;
  • Lunar nails different performance and colour combination;
  • Very beautiful nail art design metallic shades: silver, gold, metallic;
  • Colors: black and red, black, orange, green, and blue;
  • Two and three-color gamma on nails;

…and many other varieties of options nail design can safely apply modern fashionistas.

Often ladies for lack of time Hiking in the nail salon ask how to perform simple and beautiful design at home?

Among the masses of options some girls prefer design sharp nails.

острые ногти фото

First, the nails to give the desired shape and size, then carry out a figure that will be in harmony with the created image, clothes and accessories.

Wedding preferable light shades with floral or Lacy image.

For everyday wear better to do capacity not very long and choose neutral colors.

одноцветный маникюр фото

Modern the design of the square nails also rich in colours and shapes. The choice of length depends on your taste. Rectangle shape is considered neutral, it can be used for different life situations. How to make the original design of the nails?

One of the most common options made with their own hands is French.

Nail art – beauty and perfection in a huge number of options.

разнообразный маникюр фото

Initially the interest to the nail design this can result in a professional credo, but without the skill you cannot do.

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