Битва глянца: январь 2014 года

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On the last day of the outgoing year in a hurry to introduce you to cover fresh January gloss. In the traditional battle this time participate L’officiel, ELLE, VOGUE, TATLER, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and GLAMOUR.

For the cover of L’officiel starred model Camille Rowe. She was blamed as the red Queen. In addition to the horoscope for the next year and new trends in clothing, readers will be able to enjoy a great interview Naomi watts.

January ELLE made a bet on the psychology of the New year. On the cover of the announced article about the main questions of itself and the responses to them, as well as the innermost desires of the stars.

VOGUE created the cover artwork inspired by the Surrealists such as Dali, Ernst, Magritte. The topics of the rooms are directly connected with the color and shape: “the New colours of fashion” and “How to return the secret supermodel”.

TATLER seems to have made a bid for the Italian passion. You can’t tell, was whether an inspiration cover girl Monica Bellucci or Vice versa, the person picked up the theme. But the fact remains that in the new year on pages of the magazine discuss the main secrets of Monaco and the “divorce Italian” Bellucci and Vincent Kassel.

Marie Claire reasonably believes that right after new year holidays winter should start to recede. The editors made a bid for the spring bloom and natural feminine energy, and intends to talk to the new release.

Harper’s Bazaar again speculates on the confession of the most extravagant Catholic – Madonna. In addition to a large interview with the singer, the Catholic theme in the publication continue article about Christmas traditions and history.

The face of January became InStyle Taylor Swift – the classic example of the beauty of women. Therefore and the room dedicated to the questions of beauty and good taste in clothes.

The cover of GLAMOUR starts with the words Lady Gaga “I’m not a supermodel. I just суперпевица”. It is noteworthy that on the cover of the announced article with the intriguing title “Sexy achieve our readers”.

And what a cover of you give your voice for you?

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