выбрать ванночку для ногPlacing increased requirement to the beauty of their hands, women are often neglected the need to full foot care. Such behaviour is totally incorrect. After all, foot care, including a full range of treatments is very important not only aesthetically, but also to prevent development of many diseases. How to choose the foot, which diversifies treatments, we talk on the website Beauty-Hands.ru.

The use of the baths for the feet

The healing power of the water and the heat has been known for a long time. And massage, as the disease prevention, at all times was one of the most effective means. So it is not surprising that the massage baths for the feet are so popular. Because the water has a softening effect during the procedure, making the massage more pleasant and gentle.

In addition foot bath helps to relax and relieve stress after a hard day’s work, and the heat is effectively fight the pain.

Well, the special massage bath for legs is a reliable and convenient assistant, who will conduct the procedure of foot care even more pleasant and comfortable.

About fashion trends in pedicure 2013 will tell article.

How to choose a footbath: types and application

выбрать ванночку для ногBefore you make your choice, you need to carefully study that offers today’s market, and choose foot, depending on the purpose for which you intend to use it.

By type of work and the impact of hot baths are divided into the following types:

  • vibrating
  • mechanical
  • bubble

And depending on the achievable effect can be distinguished:

  • medicinal baths
  • contrast
  • tonic
  • cleansing

To achieve the desired effect with a special baths and a certain recipe that will enhance the impact of water.

The most popular contrast baths. Their operation is based on the alternate supply of water of different temperature that has a strengthening effect on vascular wall and the whole body. So if you decide to strengthen your immune system, you should choose foot of just that type.

Therapeutic effect with the help of these baths is achieved by acting special videos on the nerve endings, which are located on the feet and firmly connected with the functioning of all organs. But the tone of our feet can help you add in the water solutions of salts, for instance, well known feet baths with sea salt origin.

Some models hot baths can be fitted with rollers with special nozzles, that allows during procedures thoroughly clean the legs, removing the Horny layer of the skin. This so-called cleansing baths for the feet. Still can learn how to remove the rough skin on пяточках, by clicking on the link.

In different directories presented models are equipped with additional mechanisms and devices, which allows to increase the range of the baths on the entire body. So before you choose a footbath, is to study all proposals.

Contraindications the use of baths for the feet

As with any procedure baths for the feet have their side effects, which must be taken into account. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect, lowering the situation.

выбрать ванночку для ногSo, foot bath contraindicated in such diseases:

  • varicose veins
  • serious kidney disease
  • violations in the cardiovascular system
  • hypertension
  • high body temperature

When any of these conditions, the impact of hot water on the body in General should be avoided. So all these contraindications are quite grounded.

Recipes baths for the feet

As already mentioned, the effects on the body can be enhanced through the use of certain recipes. So now on the website Beauty-Hands.ru we will talk about them.

The most popular foot bath with salt. They are great to help cope with fatigue and tension. So if you need to relax, add in a bath of sea salt. Conducting of the procedure within 15 minutes gives a stunning effect. It is true, then do not forget to apply on the legs of nourishing cream to avoid dry skin.

Another famous recipe is a foot bath with chamomile. For cooking broth to 1 tablespoon dried chamomile flowers pour a liter of boiling water and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. When your broth to cool down, add it to your bath and enjoy the procedure. If you wish to this flower bath you can add a little bit of sea salt.

Another popular procedure is paraffin baths for feet. To conduct the procedure previously cleaned legs sink into a bath with melted in her cosmetic paraffin for 10-15 seconds and then removed and through that period of time again lowered. This procedure is done until a layer of wax will not thick enough. After that, the legs are wrapped polyethylene, over which left in place warm material. After half an hour mask carefully removed, and moisturizing the skin.

Such paraffin baths for the feet are strengthening, relaxing and nourishing effect. Even one procedure gives a stunning effect. However, it is worth to remember that the temperature of paraffin should not be too high to not get burned.

These simple procedures will help you solve many problems. All they are not only useful, but also very pleasant. So you should certainly treat yourself to them after a hard day’s work.


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