Almost all women dream about beautiful and strong nails. Baths for nail with iodine can be of great help. But remember that iodine – drug.

Like any other medication from the pharmacy, iodine will work effectively only when it is used in a correct dosage limited. Some women faced such a situation: having heard somewhere that iodine is very useful for the nails began to smear nails with this solution, forgetting that it includes most of the alcohol. And, as you know, alcohol adversely affects the nails and skin around, draining her. Properly cooked bath or mask will help get the desired result.

For the beginning it is necessary to say about the useful properties of iodine for nails. In some sources indicate that his solution contains a lot of vitamins and elements. It is fundamentally a misconception as iodine itself trace element. About vitamins speech, too, can not be. So what’s the use?

In the modern world iodine is produced from algae, which are a fountain of useful substances. Scientists have shown that many marine plants have the same cell activity, as human tissue – nails, hair, and skin. That is why in the cosmetic industry many of the tools are made on the basis of algae. The main advantage of iodine – stop process of stratification of nails.

The simplest procedure, which the women do with the belief that this is the cure nail iodine – smeared fingers pharmacy solution, and, the more the better. As a result, burns and still very dry skin. The option of direct application of iodine on a plate is possible, but only provided that the layer drugs are very slim. That is carried out once a cotton swab nail will be quite enough. Alcohol, contained in the solution, promotes deeper penetration of the molecules of this element.

So, now in more detail about the recipes. A little iodine (vapor droplets) , added in the warm water will do their curative case. Using this approach, avoiding burns and discomfort. To arrange a Spa at home better one, maximum two times a week.

– Salt bath. Iodine and salt nail – classic option. Dilute the tolerant hot water sea salt – 1 tablespoon to 1 Cup water (200 grams) . You get quite a steep salt solution. After, before immersing the hand (because iodine is very «bat») , you should add 1-4 with iodine. Keep your hands in water it takes 15-20 minutes.

– Oil bath can help also nourish the skin of hands. For its preparation requires heat 2 tablespoons of absolutely any vegetable oil (sunflower, grape seed, olive, almond and 2-4 drops of iodine in water bath. Stir the mixture until smooth, add warm water. Give in to the tub need for 10-15 minutes.

– Orange-bath. Its main advantage – the healing effect of iodine is enhanced by vitamin C, which is known protects nails from a bundle and fragility. For its preparation necessary to mix the orange juice with water in proportion 1 to 1 (one glass of juice have one glass of water) . Better not to use shoplifter drink, and squeeze it out of ripe oranges yourself. In this solution also add 3 to 4 drops of iodine. Keep your hands in the healing water to 15 minutes, then it is better to dry them with a paper towel and pour cream.

– A tray, nail plantain. For a start, you should prepare an infusion of plantain as written on the package. In the filtered solution, you must add 3 drops of iodine, stir. Water is not to be diluted. Hold hands no more than 10 minutes.

Now about masks. To make them better at night before going to bed. Pamper pens should be not more than 1 times in 7 days. The first results will be visible on manicure not earlier than through 4 of the procedure.

Mask for nail with iodine and lemon. In heated vegetable oil (olive, almond, wheat germ, sunflower), you must add 3 drops of solution of iodine and 3 drops of lemon juice. Next, using a cotton swab, the mixture should be applied to the nail plate, RUB into the skin around. After 15-20 minutes of the funds will be absorbed as much as necessary at the moment of the nails. The surplus is better to remove the cloth.

Mask with iodine, and the olive. In one tablespoon of olive oil, you need to add 4 drops of iodine solution. Received healing mixture must be put on nails and massage into the cuticle area. After 15 minutes should wear cotton gloves and leave it for the night. In the morning during washing the mixture, rinse with warm water.

Strengthening nails with iodine – effective and efficient cosmetic procedure. Important to follow the instructions tested recipes. If you do baths regularly, the result is not long in coming.


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