прикорневая химическая завивкаWomen dream about the amount of hair that starts from the very roots. Curling at the ends or on average area hair is good, but does not produce the effect, which is famous for the root volume. Hairstyle with it transforms the way you receive the dynamics, which is so difficult to achieve holders hard and straight hair naturally. To raise and fix the roots regularly laying vehicles troublesome, but there is a solution. Basal Perm allows you to find the root volume for a long time. But there are nuances.


The need for root perms

прикорневая химическая завивкаIf you have recently learned that there waving at the roots, and immediately want to try all of its dignity, do not hurry. Curling at the roots invented not for those who want to make the pomp of her hair, chemical compositions locking hair for a few weeks alternatively daily styling. This type of wave is intended first of all for women, the hair which had been previously “chemistry”, but grew, and now have an uneven appearance – length and tips curly, and the roots straight. This effect is almost always highly undesirable and hair need to be aligned. Basal “chemistry” will not be a mistake to think corrective procedure, and not the main way of Curling.


Advantages waving at the roots

прикорневая химическая завивкаComparing the hair at the roots with the usual method of giving them volume, which is to blow pulling the root zone, we will get some advantages. Basal Perm raises the hair at the roots, allowing you to enjoy a volume effect to several months, depending on the composition. In reality, this “chemistry” is it lawful is not for everyone.


Suitable for root perms

  • Women permed

прикорневая химическая завивка“Chemistry” on the root zone is necessary first of all to women who had sprouted hair after perming on the whole mass of hair. When hair grows, the area at the roots becomes flat, when the nature of your hair is absolutely straight. To improve a situation and to restore the splendor hairstyles, not have to curl the hair that you can only do it on the roots. This is a big advantage, because the entire length of hair is no longer damaged by aggressive formulas. At the roots they always stronger, so the root perms transferred easily.

  • Women with curly hair who need the root volume

If curls in their hair by nature, they can be severe, and at the roots look flat. This effect does not suit everybody, and those who don’t like the similar hairstyle, you can do a “chemistry” at the roots. Basal Curling on natural curly hair requires high qualification of the master, which should align hairstyle. Vertical springs, spiral curls – best testimony to the root perms, you can do without fear on the final result.

  • Women with short straight hair

At short hair root Perm is the only possible way “chemistry”. Short hair tolerates the impact of chemicals, if the hair is strong, because in a couple of months no iron on your hair will not be – it will just shear off with all the weight of the hair in the process of routine grooming with correction of the form.


Who doesn’t fit the root Perm

прикорневая химическая завивкаThe advantages of the method basal iron undeniable. Affected only the hair at the roots, which are always more healthy and strong, hairstyle gain volume and mobility. But there are the contraindications that make such a Perm undesirable and dangerous.

You should not resort to radical “chemistry”, if your scalp is in poor condition. Dryness, peeling, dandruff and seborrhea, irritation will increase under the influence of aggressive substances. Open wounds, sores and other skin damage heads are absolute contraindications to such processing roots.

Weak hair that is prone to the loss may not move such a Perm. The same goes for hair, recently subjected to discoloration.

Planning your visit to the beauty salon to the root perms, get ready for it in advance. First, take all possible measures to scalp treatment, secondly, strengthen the roots of the hair, preventing hair loss.

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