For the first time bandage dresses were created in 1095 great French designer Э.Леже. These dresses are composed of elastic bands and thanks to their weaving, you can tighten the shape and emphasize the advantages. Mainly these bands created from a dense fabric. Their main advantage is that it corrects the shape and makes it ideal.

Новинки бандажных платьевIt is always so important for every woman that they are always in pursuit of news retaining dresses. Inter alia, the thing meets all the fashion trends and directions, and among the most stylish dresses are those that have openings. Certainly, Hiking in fitness-clubs and sitting on strict diets is good, but the model shape will help only to control things. Бандажное dress not only has a great design, but also is capable to simulate beautiful forms. Choosing the right clothes will help hide any imperfections, for example – a few extra inches.

Платья Herve LegerIf you so will emphasize your style and make the figure more slender, then immediately go shopping and pick the most beautiful dress Herve Leger. Today such things are presented in various forms and colours, but the main difference is cut on the neck, and also full absence or presence of the sleeve. In addition, designers decorate dresses clasps in the form of lightning, and use bright colors (yellow, red, blue etc). Moreover, there is no color or shade, which would not be used couturier when creating these amazing things.

Any бандажное dress fits perfectly with a figure but remember that buy its smaller is not recommended because a dense fabric and so few can compress. The party in club fit for a fixed cloth dress, and for negotiations suitable length below the knee. Many models have sleeves and covered shoulders, combining the rigor and charm.

Every fashionista that respects your taste, locker room has a such a dress in which she will feel great and confident. In any speciality shop is always a wide choice of a luxury and stylish clothes, so you can easily make your choice. For example, the Internet-store of women’s fashion apparel always a great selection of retaining dresses for every taste and purse.

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