This motto proclaimed from the runways of the fashion designers and designers, and women happily picked up and brought to life.

Ballet flats – elegant shoes with a flat sole, effort, with a small heel. The name of this Shoe has received from the ballerinas because their shape is almost exactly repeats pointes. Of course, women are liking – convenient, practical and very elegant. And even fashion designers, having espied such interest miniature туфелькам, tried to decorate them.

C чем носить балетки?Pumps can be worn with trousers and shorts, skirts and dresses – it really is a universal shoes! And if to take them into account convenience and ease gait, we can say that these shoes have become a real salvation! This is not in the towering stilettos flaunt – confident progression, observance of style and fashion trends make any woman in the ballerina this fashionistas!

Models that offer fashion brands

  • Jean Michel Cazabat Amateur high heels, but did womens flat shoes are made of leather and suede in pastel colours;
  • ASH – brought brightness and originality even banal туфелькам, used velvet acid shades;
  • Just Couture – brilliant, gorgeous, with rhinestones and ribbons, embroidery and unusual combination of colors pumps have become the hallmark of this fashion brand;
  • United Nude – low heel, leather, silver and Golden ebbs evening option of women’s shoes.

Тряпичные балеткиFor everyday wear, you can use rag pumps – very lightweight, breathable and short-lived. But it is this shoes is a low cost and therefore they can be changed frequently and painlessly. Bright prints, fashionable floral theme, the ability to wear and under the suit, and under beach dress, and a pair of jeans is the undeniable advantages of a Shoe.

But leather pumps – it is really a masterpiece! However, when choosing this type of footwear note to the internal part of them was designed from genuine leather otherwise, the summer is very hot and uncomfortable. By the way, these leather boots can be worn and disco, and in the office. Angelina Jolie, for example, quite often appears «the people» in such simple shoes are comfortable, nice and stylish.

Пластиковые балеткиDid you know that there are even plastic pumps? These were created by Vivienne Westwood, specifically for his collection. But, as is often the case, the goods «go to the masses» and it turns out that they are quite comfortable «around» the foot and are the perfect beach shoes – bright, durable and washable, that is important.

Victoria Beckham is also celebrated ballerinas, but prefer sports style. Reebok, Adidas, Nike these brands have a really comfortable shoes that can be worn not only for fitness in the gym, but also to the party, stroll along the promenade and at work. These pumps may look even Flirty – for example, Adidas made them with satin ribbons.

In the world of ballet shoes are available and religious things that were created in 2007! So far, all pumps Репетто produced by the first technology with observance of all forms. Application of technologies of creation of this ballet shoes allows you to turn the elegant shoes in light comfortable and practical shoes – and this is the most important aspect when choosing.

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