The modern metropolis, bustling, home parties, secular receptions, balls and masquerades assemble at the hotel. From the French language borrowed the word ball, which comes from the Latin verb language, meaning literally “dance”.

At Easter in the German villages of the bridesmaids wore a pole with a stuffed wool ball to the house of the bride. Then they handed her the ball, for which the young wife was obliged to offer all treats and invite to the dance. The ball in the German language and was a ball, who later came to mean a dance party.

Today costume party with dancing called the masquerade. In modern city life ball attracts guests who never knew and becomes a place of relaxed socializing and Dating. The masquerade suit in the New year and Valentine’s Day. In Russia there is the tradition of the debutante ball. The success comes the ability to dance, ability to communicate, ability to dress tastefully.

A prompt can be specified by the notation “white tie”. The man on the ball wears a tailcoat with white tie, black patent leather shoes, white gloves and a white vest with a pocket watch. To participate in the social event the woman wears a long evening dress with gloves, high heel shoes, evening bag complements the outfit. Dress code “black tie” requires men to wear a tuxedo, and women should be in cocktail dress, long evening dress or a suit.

Organizers can invite guests to a calico or black and white ball when all the participants have to fulfill the condition and wear dresses made of cotton or suits of white. Masquerade gathers guests for a social event with a mask on my face and invited the participants in the costumes of historical characters.

Balls and masquerades in Russia was carried out for all segments of the society, the Ministerial club was invited to the footmen, maids and servants. At the Academy of arts was held fancy-dress balls organized by the artists and architects. Masquerades were given for charity, collecting money for the poor students.

The balls had a name, given the balls “Eve of Kupala”, “the Triumph of beauty, or phryne at the Eleusinian festival”. Artists created the scenery. Halls represented scenes from the life of Ancient Egypt or the underwater Kingdom, has reproduced the Acropolis of Athens or Greece. The astonished eyes of the guests brought pictures of the seabed and its inhabitants. During the ball at the kiosks, designed in the shape of a shell or coral thickets stood ballerinas and prima Opera houses and traded champagne. Guests were entertained by a procession of crabs, sharks and dolphins, which went before the chariot with Poseidon and sinks with Venus emerging from the foam of the sea.

Halls are designed in Louis XV style with decoration, furniture, jewelry, costumes at the ball sounded historical music. Guests arrived in costumes of historical characters and performed dances of the eighteenth century. The ball could be based on stories and characters from the works of the great Pushkin. Guests were welcomed by the castle of Chernomor at the entrance and kiosk in the form of a fountain of Bakhchisarai, on the walls were depicted scenes from the works of the poet.

The program included live pictures, which reproduced the plot of the paintings. The actors makeup and dressed up in costumes and presented the mural of the stage. During the ball was successfully held parades, which invited the visitor to participate in the carnival. Were the singers and musicians, competitions for the best costume. One of the masquerade balls the delight of the audience called Baba Yaga with broom.

The tradition of holding balls left us a legacy from the time of Peter I, who instilled in to the Russian soil culture meeting with dancing. The idea has always been associated with Russian national culture, folk theme could be presented dances and men’s dances. Modern costume party can give guests lots of fun entertainment. But to choose an original costume you can in the online store Visit the masquerade ball will bring you a storm of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

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