"Бублик" и баранки: знаменитости побывали в гостях у Ксении Собчак

Natalia Ionova, Olga Slutsker and Kenya Sobchak

Tonight in Moscow Ksenia Sobchak officially opened the second floor of the cafe called “Doughnut”, which is located in a cozy mansion in the heart of Moscow.

Specially for this event star girlfriend Xenia – Alena Doletskaya, Ulyana Sergeenko, Margarita Simonyan, Polina Kitsenko – prepared recipes of your favorite dishes. Another friend, nick Белоцерковская, presented this evening his cookbook “Made in Italy”.

Congratulate Xenia came Svetlana Bondarchuk, Julia BORDOVSKIKH, Natalya Ionova, Yana, Olga Slutsker and other celebrities. The hostess of the evening was snapped – even Lyudmila Narusova hardly managed to get to his daughter and congratulate with the opening.

However, Lyudmila Borisovna and so not bored – time she spent in conversation with new relatives – Emmanuel Виторганом and his wife Irina Млодик.

Sounded unobtrusive jazz, it was hot from outbreaks of photographers, and, despite the fact that everywhere there were living tulips, in the air smelled of” Christmas: the holiday atmosphere created fluffy branches of fir-trees, decorated with bagels and bagels.

The audience was treated to a carrot cream on the loaf with spinach, sprinkle with pine nuts, rabbit pate, hot smoked fish, and of course, baked goods: cake “Ant-hill”, “curls” with various fillings and bagels with poppy.

The guests drank, ate, discussed the news (good the last two days in the country were saturated), and, of course, congratulated each other with the upcoming holidays – in General, the evening was a success.

ника белоцерковская и ксения собчак
Nick Белоцерковская and Ksenia Sobchak

ника белоцерковская у ксении собчак
Nick Белоцерковская

Киценко и Бондарчук
Polina Kitsenko and Svetlana Bondarchuk

Светлана Бондарчук-1
Svetlana Bondarchuk

Яна Расковалова
Jan Расковалова

Ульяна Цейтлина
Ulyana Tseytlina

Киценко, Собчак,
Irina Milov, Polina Kitsenko, Ksenia Sobchak, Frol Буримский

Алексей Киселев, Ида Лоло и
Alexey Kiselev, IDA Lolo and Alexey Kiselev

Ирина Влодик и Эммануил Виторган
Irina Влодик and Emmanuil Vitorgan

Svetlana Меткина

Атмосфера Булик
Polina Kitsenko

Ксения Собчак общается с гостями
Kseniya Sokolova, mark Garber and the hostess of the evening, Ksenia Sobchak

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