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Svetlana Bondarchuk, Dima Bilan and the other on the feast of St

Светлана Бондарчук, Дима Билан и другие на празднике Дня святого Валентина

Svetlana Bondarchuk, Dima Bilan, Katya Dobryakova and other celebrities gathered yesterday in the evening in the Moscow restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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The inevitable changes in women after childbirth

posle-rodov-rssFor the female body childbirth is a great stress and restores it during the postpartum period is not always quickly. What changes occur with a woman after childbirth? Read More →

Calendar Сплетника": 7 faces of Valentine's Day

Календарь "Сплетника": 7 граней Дня святого Валентина

February 14 – the most romantic day of the year. We chose seven films that tell about the Day of St. Valentine differently. Some choose to view – you decide.

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Colin Farrell and Jessica brown Findlay at the premiere of "Love across time"

Колин Фаррелл и Джессика Браун Финдлей на премьере "Любовь сквозь время"

Performers of the main roles in fantasy, melodrama “Love across time, Colin Farrell and Jessica brown Findlay presented the film in new York.

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Treat yourself to a puddle for nail with butter!

Take care of nails and skin of the hands is the duty of each of the fair sex. There are different means to exercise care, among which one should highlight the essential oils. Bath, nail oil is a great tool for toning the skin, blood circulation,… Read More →

Sale sheepskin - how to choose the perfect option?

dublenki-rssToday the popular winter clothing steel sheepskin. It is understandable, practical, warm, beautiful and durable. But to sheepskin served for a long time it is necessary to choose. Read More →

Russian professional cosmetics: suddenly a rich selection

российская профессиональная косметикаThe demand for professional cosmetics is growing all over the world – this tendency is impossible not to notice. An increasing number of women regularly visit beauty salons, and homes are creams that recommend a cosmetologist. At the same time, a growing need in the Russian cosmetics that for the last couple of decades did not step forward, and has made great breakthrough. Russian professional cosmetics – area for many completely new, but it is so vast and varied that it’s worth to pay attention.


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Golden manicure: master class

Now it is very popular was a Golden manicure, this is primarily connected with the fact that the Golden color of the currently very fashionable, and such an amazing manicure looks very festive. To make such a manicure at home is not so difficult, but all the same you need dexterity, as well as some special materials. Today the site tell […] Read More →

Baths for nail with iodine: your nails will say thank you!

Almost all women dream about beautiful and strong nails. Baths for nail with iodine can be of great help. But remember that iodine – drug. Like any other medication from the pharmacy, iodine will work effectively only when… Read More →

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