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Homemade masks patches for the skin around the eyes

домашние маски патчи для кожи вокруг глаз

Semicircular, like a plaster mask patches are very convenient – taped under the eyes and go, happy, waiting for the wrinkles smoothed, bags disappear, and the bruises will dissolve. And this even happens, though not always. Home industry from the world famous brand «I am the mother of invention» already has taken this method is adopted and launched its own line of such tools, which are made from natural cotton cosmetic discs and all that under his way.

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What manicure like men?

When a woman preen, she always thinks about, like whether beloved man in appearance. Therefore, many girls so important to know how men react even to the little things in appearance, for example, for a manicure. So, what manicure appeal to men? First, many guys don’t like too long fingernails. Girls cannot understand, but representatives Read More →

How to cook conditioners for hair

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How to prevent aging hair

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How to quickly restore hair?

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As you can remove the double chin? Tips and tricks

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How to apply the calcium to strengthen nails?

Beautiful, healthy nails are very important. Looking at their appearance can put a tentative diagnosis of the person not only with the overall physical health, but mental. For example, bitten nails point not only to the habit. In 50% of cases of saying… Read More →

What is a Roman blinds? How and where is better to use?

rimskie-rssMany know what ролштора, but not everyone knows what a Roman. Let’s try to understand what is behind the curtains, in what areas it is better to apply, and from what material to sew. Read More →

How to protect your hair from extremes of temperature?

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