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Placing increased requirement to the beauty of their hands, women are often neglected the need to full foot care. Such behaviour is totally incorrect. After all, foot care, including a full range of treatments is very important not only aesthetically, but also to prevent development of many diseases. How to choose the foot, which diversifies treatments, we […] Read More →

Nail-biting (онихофагия refers primarily in children and adolescents. Sometimes the addiction observed in adults. First of all, this habit signals about any emotional disorder. Therefore, it is urgent to change something in their life and eradicate the problem. The child on the presence of harmful… Read More →

Directory Hogl Shoe 2013 is a classic shoes in modern interpretation – elegant shoes, shoes with your nose open platform heels, boots and shoes with laces. Shoes presents in modern colors – coral, light beige, Golden, black and white. See the new directory Hogl Shoe 2013! Photo catalog Hogl Shoe 2013 : Read More →

Beautiful and neat manicure any woman can make the Queen, stressing her delicate hands, focusing on one of the main parts of its body – on nails. Tenderness, romance and sensuality image – are all present in the skillfully created caring hands fingernails, which were used decorative coating pearl shades. So it’s time to talk on the website […] Read More →

лечебная косметикаMedical cosmetics are called differently. Medical, dermatological, drug – all these terms are valid and not provoke разнотолков. Often mistakenly put on one level with professional salon, natural, eco or bio – and other families of cosmetics, that makes a certain confusion in the correct interpretation and understanding of what medical cosmetics. Due to confusion or broad interpretation of the manufacturers, you can pay more for nonexistent properties and not get the desired effect. Instead, it is a therapeutic effect expects to a consumer who buys such funds.


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Elegant and ever young Kate moss… Read More →

Exclusive interview specialist Procter&Gamble portal WANT Read More →

pure-rssThe pace of modern life is constantly accelerating, and time on cosmetic procedures is not always enough. But the vast majority of cosmetologists and dermatologists agree… Read More →

маски для волос в домашних условиях

Hair masks at home will help to restore hair, to accelerate their growth, to prevent and stop loss, make your hair thicker, elastic and шелковистей. Masks for hair at home are good that you know exactly what мажете on your precious hair, and it is really worth it. That too is good, themselves mask when this will cost considerably less purchased with a complex and unpredictable composition.

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