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Eyelash extensions: safe or not?

наращивание ресниц безопасноWe hope to have long thick eyelashes, but some of us manage it easier than others. If the ink does not solve this problem, many are turning to cosmetic. But whether it is harmless? How eyelash safe?


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Photo summer nail design

Фото летнего дизайна ногтейSummer is the time when you want to look not only beautiful and fabulously beautiful. Therefore, now you must pay attention to every make of his body and the wardrobe, which can «rush» in the eyes of the people around you. And one of these parts… Read More →

Leather Curchi autumn 2013: catalogue of snow Queen (+25 photos)

Light leather jackets and blazers of the Snow Queen is what you need to warm autumn! Leather is always relevant material, especially for clothing. Stylish styles and colors add to the charm and charm in your new look. Photo leather jackets autumn-winter 2013-2014 snow Queen (catalogue): Read More →

Permanent make - up the details of the procedure

перманентный макияжPermanent makeup is the introduction under the skin pigments mineral origin with the help of sterile disposable needles. All should be prepared right in the presence of the client. This technique makeup is usually well tolerated, but may sometimes be a pain, which depend on the individual pain threshold and area of application being processed. For people with hypersensitive skin proposes to use криозонда, which relieve the treated area.


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Размягчитель pedicure

Размягчитель для педикюраUsing размягчитель pedicure, you can quickly soften the rough areas of the feet and simultaneously their disinfected. Размягчитель pedicure greatly facilitates the subsequent processing foot cutters, a scalpel, a float or a pumice stone. Healthy skin is not damaged. Gel-размягчитель pedicure For… Read More →

Chanel bag, original or fake?

This product is insanely expensive, and allow it to itself, not everyone can… Read More →

What swimwear стройнят? The choice for full swimsuit

kupalniki-rssNot everyone has the figure of a model, and have a normal weight. However, everyone wants on the beach to look better and more beautiful. And for this you need to choose a swimsuit. Read More →

Green tea face (video)

зеленый чай для лица


A pleasing and uplifting video with a very pretty girl about how to make green tea and first RUB their face, then cook him a mask with yogurt and honey, and after put the tea bags on eyes. Nothing seems to be complex and special, but fascinating and even charms.

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Acid pedicure

Кислотный педикюрAcid pedicure managed to win their fans. Although it is still not as popular as regular pedicure. Such a pedicure copes with натоптышами, skin seals, even quite running. It is done with the help of a special acid as in compartments of the house. Fruit acid for… Read More →