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Tooth loss is not yet a verdict

poterya-zuba-rssFor any person to lose a tooth it is to lose your smile, which is why many people get very upset and worried about it. However it is not necessary. All fixable. Read More →

Star style: Kristen bell shows Jimmy Феллон

Звездный стиль: Кристен Белл на шоу Джимми Феллона

On the eve of Kristen bell has visited Jimmy Феллон. To show the actress chose a classic black dress below the knee. We offer to evaluate the fashionable form of a star.

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Accessories-insects - season trend

nasekomie-rssVarious accessories in the form of insects, reptiles and other animals are popular among women. Now in this season yet and will be fashionable these decorations in the form of insects. Read More →

Everything in the Park: drew Бэрример on a walk with his daughter olive and her husband will Копельман

Все в парк: Дрю Бэрример на прогулке с дочкой Олив и мужем Уиллом Копельманом

Drew Barrymore was recently spotted on a walk with his daughter olive and her husband will Копельман in one of the parks in Los Angeles.

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Makeup for wearing lenses - how and what to do?

makiyazh-linzy-rssIf you wear contact lenses, it does not mean that makeup is contraindicated. Just need to follow some rules that will help get rid of unnecessary problems. Read More →

Skin care in the offseason: beauty-products to the Transfiguration

Уход за кожей в межсезонье: бьюти-новинки для преображения

How to care for your skin in the off-season to restore it after Morozov, stress and vitamin deficiency? In our review of the best March tools.

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Robert Pattinson filming of the drama "Life"

Роберт Паттинсон на съемках драмы "Жизнь"

Now Robert Pattinson is removed in Canada in the drama “Life” about the legend of the 1950s and James Dean. The star of ” Twilight ” Saga got the role of the photographer Dennis Runoff.

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Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady secretly baptized daughter

Жизель Бундхен и Том Брэди тайно крестили дочь

Yesterday Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady secretly baptized 15-month old daughter Vivian. The solemn event was in that same Church in Santa Monica, where the model and the player secretly married in 2009.

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Calendar "Gossip": 16 best roles Juliette Binoche

Календарь "Сплетника": 16 лучших ролей Жюльетт Бинош

The ninth of March inimitable Juliette Binoche anniversary – actress turns 50. During her career, she played in many movies. Let’s try to recall the brightest of them.

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