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Homemade scrub and mask for a beautiful body

домашние маски для тела

You can, of course, contemptuously хмыкнуть and declare that the мажься, without diet and sports a beautiful body still don’t get. But, if nothing smudge, too beautiful body’t get any, and wilted and rough something, although, perhaps, places and stony-muscled. So diets diets, sports sports and cream with chocolate is not a sin somehow be covered with at least a couple of times a week and wine with honey and тростинковым sugar поскрабиться from time to time, too.

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Victoria Beckham spring-summer 2014 (+74 photo)

The collection of the Victoria Beckham are famous for their elegant and feminine dresses, tight skirts and refined blouses there as the Victoria Beckham – a bright representative of their collections and always wear his own clothing. This time the collection spring-summer 2014 a little and went beyond the usual silhouettes. On them and focus – silhouettes built like origami, and in […] Read More →

Not everyone knows how to use the gel nail Polish!

Even now, not everyone knows what a nail gel and how to deal with him, although he appeared rather long ago. How to use the gel lacquer not to do harm to your body? The gel nail is used for manicure and for… Read More →

Homemade masks for hair honey

домашние маски для волос с медом


Honey, without a doubt, a true gift of nature, and for those who sincerely believe and a panacea for all, including cosmetic, misfortunes. If «all»is, perhaps, too strong, something about cosmetic – could be, but also, of course, not all, but many, very many. It even children know and honey is never neglected.

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What are the necessary materials for nail?

In the article, all interested persons can get acquainted with those, what are the materials for nail, and for nail to make them surprisingly great. What kind of materials for nail need? All novices at the first stage are… Read More →

Marc Jacobs spring-summer 2014 (+50 photos)

For the spring-summer collection is represented by Marc Jacobs was very dark and in the darkest colours. He made a bold and a bold step away from light tones and habitual stereotypes of an image of summer. And he does it very successfully! Dark rich shades – black, Burgundy, grey-blue and dark green. In this collection originated new interesting […] Read More →

Learn how to draw on the nails winter elements: snowflakes needle

The question of how to draw snowflakes on nails, often takes not only professionals but also Amateurs. Snowflakes on your nails become particularly relevant in the winter, when changes in nature require compliance with the image of the city beauties In the last decade of nail art has moved out of the area of applied… Read More →

How to draw on graft nails: all features

The question of how to draw the extended nails is a growing concern not only masters of manicure business, but also simple lovers of a good home manicure. Drawings on the extended nails done by different methods and tools. In recent years, nail art boldly stepped out of the region… Read More →

Types of manicure and pedicure, the most modern technology

Not many people know what happen manicure and pedicure. But the fashion for them to acquire their peak. The techniques of classical and hardware manicure and pedicure, you can read this article. All people are individuals. For someone manicure is a common thing, but for… Read More →

Calvin Klein spring-summer 2014 (+36 photo)

Collection Francisco Costa Calvin Klein for the new season spring-summer 2014 was ambiguous. Designer wanted to break the deadlock and bring something new and different in their creation, but the conclusions of the public were not so much convincing in the success of the collection. Raw edge and fringe hanging edge dresses and pieces of cloth, like a hastily sewn patches are not impressed the audience. Photo collection […] Read More →