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Linseed oil for hair

льняное масло для волос


Another, have not yet explored on our website, filled with Goodies for shop – linseed oil. Very, very specific taste, but very useful for external use. Then you and all your favorite omega acids and practically the entire complex of vitamins shop A, E, K and extremely useful for hair vitamins of group B. So are doing and smear, are doing and smear.

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Fashion swimwear 2014 - 50 photos

Annually, the whole army of designers creates an enormous amount of… Read More →

Nail design in the home: a little masterpieces

дизайн ногтей в домашних условияхExquisite nail design has long ceased to be a decoration for a special occasion: millions of women use the decor nail daily to emphasize their individuality. Of course, regular trips to the masters of nail art can fly into a lot of money, so many master nail design at home to do yourself beautiful nails.


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How to give the hair volume

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Fashion trends for spring-summer 2014 (new York)

«It’s all about the 1990s!» – I want to say about last fashion week new York spring-summer 2014. And that, the 1990s were around in dresses-combinations Thakoon, суперкоротких skirts Alexander Wang, their backward baseball caps Rodarte and denim overalls DKNY. And where 1990s was not, they, too, were: for example, in the face of one of […] Read More →

Nail design: the most unusual ideas

дизайн ногтейLike other types of design, nail art is a huge field for art, through which you can achieve your potential. If you have difficulties with ideas and their incarnations, you can enroll design or get them online.


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What's in the kit for nail extension for beginners?

Nail for beginners masters of nail service can be a daunting challenge. It is very important to select the right tools and materials that are needed in the professional set for nail. The most popular beauty salons technologies with the application of the gel or acrylic. There are also… Read More →

Fashionable ways of washing: a brief overview plus video

очищение лица


Mode exists at all, even on a daily washing. This is especially noticeable now, in the era of global Internet beauty boom. As only one end of the planet with the feeling that another revolutionary idea cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition and rejuvenation, so at the other end of a planet it picked up and in the mass, that is the beauty blogs suffered.

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Marble manicure nail: master-classes, as do

Neat nails and creative design is one of the decorations of the modern woman. And if many people prefer to settle for natural beauty, periodically, as the diversity and changing it in French, we on the website decided not to be limited to such rigid frames, picked up for you a new variant of painting your nails – marble manicure. And that is the marble […] Read More →

Hot wraps from cellulite

обертывания от целлюлита в домашних условиях


Still, it would seem, recently it was impossible to imagine that намажешься something pleasantly hot, you get under the blanket and there thou shalt happy to lie. But it was summer, and in autumn, and, moreover, in winter, under a blanket to lie as much handier, and if and to the benefit of beauty that is one of the surest means of autumn and winter Blues!

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