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5 psychological and slightly psychedelic body scrubs

маски от секущихся кончиков волос в домашних условиях

Agree, in a rugged, самосркаблении there is something mental, sort of hell-bent on a quest to strip off everything superfluous, to be cleansed, to rejuvenate, to start all over again. So why not combine these two factors: самоскрабление and complacency, that certainly out of the bathtub new person, fragrant wine with lavender, cinnamon, honey, coconut chocolate and neroli with brown sugar. “Or there’s a win-win situation mint, lemon, but it is for the morning psychedelic заскоков.

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The best cartoons of the current launch of the week!

mult-rssIf your kid likes to go to the cinema on cartoons, this week. In the film you can see some new and interesting cartoons. Read More →

Безсульфатные shampoos: for and against

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Nutritious homemade masks for oily skin

домашние маски для жирной кожи лица


Oily skin facial, this is not surprising, also needs additional nutrition, although it would seem, in itself makes it more abundantly. But to rather aggressive care, which, as a rule, persistently subjected to oily skin, turning it into a sensitive and over-dried, do not neglect complementary feeding, including fats.

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Creative nail design ideas for the wedding

What if approaching wedding party, and the classic French manicure bride did not inspire? Make an image of bright creative ideas to help nail design, which bailed out, no one stylish girl. For decades the perfect manicure bride is considered a classic French. Even the decor of… Read More →

How to get rid of dandruff

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Tools for nail without which you can not do?

Practical every woman owns initial knowledge in the creation of manicure. However, much more interesting not only take care of the nail plates, but to be able to make the build-up of claws. Of course, for the attainment of the Azov skill you must purchase a professional set for nail or buy the tools individually. Read More →

Learn all about the European manicure!

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French manicure on short nails: tips on style

Unique French manicure create not so easy. This is evidenced even professional master. However, is there no tips to help make this process at home is easier? Tips on creating a manicure. For the beginning of the girl should think about how… Read More →

ESSIE: lipsticks, the history of the brand, reviews

Each of us chooses the means to care for your body to choose the most suitable options not only in terms of price policy, but also on the composition of funds or of the result. But Kate Middleton in your happiest day in the life to create your image chose varnishes for the nails ESSIE. We […] Read More →