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Леди Гага в Нью-Йорке: три образа за сутки

In new York on Lady Gaga’s not wasting his time: almost one day she had to withdraw in the TV show, open a fashion shop and undress to their underwear on the street.

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Кэти Перри в тизере нового клипа Unconditionally

Katy Perry in his new video Unconditionally tried unexpected Gothic image. During filming, the singer had several outfits.

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Varieties of salads exists nemerenoe many. And no small part of them consists of a sufficiently rich, calorie, delicious, but, alas, harmful to the figures recipes. All these varieties divinely delicious salads have the right to exist. However, if a man keep in shape, it can only rarely afford a salad consisting of «жиронагоняющих» products. But there is a solution. […] Read More →

Джейк Гилленхол пострадал на съемках ленты "Стрингер"

Currently Jake Гилленхол works on the set of the tape “stringer”, where on Wednesday the actor was injured: Hollywood hunk greatly cut my hand.

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To please yourself and others a beautiful manicure, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. Nails patterns and you can own, even having no artistic talent. For completion of high quality manicure you can use different stencils that are commercially available. Every woman knows that the state of nail and hand skin a Read More →

Адам Ливайн возглавит рейтинг "Самых сексуальных мужчин"?

According to rumors, the sexiest man 2013, according to the People magazine will become a singer Adam Levine, but for sure we know about it next week.

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Новый год с Дэвидом Бекхэмом: футболист в рекламе белья

David Beckham has released a new year’s underwear collection and starred in her campaign.

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"Голодные игры: И вспыхнет пламя": премьера на Римском кинофестивале

In the framework of the promotional tour of Europe Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson brought “the Hunger games: light the flame” at the Rome film festival.

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At the fashion week in Paris was presented a bright, bold collection of Christian Dior spring-summer 2014. This time the brand’s designer RAF Simons has given special attention to skirts and dresses RIPP and returned into fashion pleating. In particular fresh and spring looks floral print for a short skirt pleats and asymmetrical RIPP. The highlight of the collection is weaving ribbons and […] Read More →

Даша Жукова презентовала в Москве второй номер журнала Garage Russia

About an hour ago a party Dasha Zhukova presented the second issue of the magazine Garage Russia. Invited were waiting for the art exhibition and the most popular tracks from French club Le Baron.

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