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Линдси Лохан встречается с 18-летним сыном Лиама Нисона Майклом?

Lindsay Lohan may meets with 18-year-old son of actor Liam Nison Michael. Last week, the pair visited together several parties in a row.

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The other day Britney Spears visited the famous talk show the Ellen DeGeneres, where she presenter not only about the new album, but that as a child, played at all in the doll, and spin the bottle. Being quite young Spears, like many other representatives of show business, she was a member of the morning Read More →

Кристиан Слейтер женился на Бриттани Лопес

Christian Slater designed the relationships with his girlfriend Brittany Lopez, which made an offer last spring. Sweethearts together for three years.

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Елену Исинбаеву признали лучшей спортсменкой России

One of the most beautiful Russian woman, two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva is recognized the best in this year.

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Ксения Собчак и другие на благотворительном аукционе

Ksenia Sobchak and Dr. Lisa together with the famous project of Russian gloss gathered guests at a charity auction in favor of the Fund “Fair assistance”.

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There are many ways to determine the nature of man by appearances. There is even this science, the physiognomy. Palmists on the basis of the centuries-old observations can tell a lot about a person by the form of the hand and nail. Many wonder what might tell nails? Psychologists, for example, believe that neatness and Read More →

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Katy Perry and John Mayer now have not only a romantic relationship, but also the joint work. Artists have recorded a track together under the name of Who You Love, who also composed in co-authorship. The song was included in the new album Mayer Paradise Valley, and promotional shots for singles created photographer Mario Sorrenti. Read More →

Топ-10 звезд, которых искали в интернете чаще всего в 2013 году

Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Madonna and other celebrities were in the list of “Top 10 of stars, which searched the Internet more often”.

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"50 оттенков серого": Рита Ора сыграет сестру Кристиана Грея

British singer and actress Rita Ora appears in the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel E. L. James “50 shades of grey. The girl will perform the role of sisters of Christian warming – conscripted into army.

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