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Every beauty tries to constantly monitor their appearance and care of hands and even pays attention. However beautiful manicure is not the health of the nails, as a way to disguise the existing condition Indeed, have beautiful and healthy nail plates luck is… Read More →

домашние маски для ногтей


Eight of the rapid on hand recipes to make your nails into a weapon of mass conquest and even, on occasion, intimidation. Only a few components which are always at hand and your ideal manicure will be the envy of even the most blasted лакоманьяки!

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Весеннее-летняя коллекция Olsen: от Рио до Лос-Анджелеса

Landscapes and traditions of several countries inspiration for the creators of the collection of a season spring-summer 2014.

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Певица Кейша легла в клинику

Keisha has confirmed that the next month will rehabilitation clinic, where will be held the course of treatment for eating disorder.

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Бритни Спирс разочаровала поклонников

Fans of Britney Spears, paid two hundred dollars for the opportunity to meet with the star out of the scene, were displeased with the conduct of the singer.

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медовый массаж от целлюлита

Honey because of its stickiness and the ability to firmly stick to the skin allows us plenty наиздеваться on themselves. We издеваемся not just so, and the great purpose of getting rid of cellulite that, without doubt, ennobles this weird at first glance process. Besides, accelerating cellulite, we can get подтянувшееся and постройневшее body, including in the shoulder belt as honey self-massage gives a very good power load on the arms and shoulders.

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Жизель Бундхен рекламирует средства для волос

Brand Pantene announced Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen stellar messenger. The brand is not the first time collaborating with a celebrity.

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If you want to be a glamorous woman and keep pace with the times, we must make it crystal manicure. Technology repeats technology gel nail extension. But imitation crystal gives the hands soft and fragile. Very difficult to grow and maintain nails desired length. But the desire to have… Read More →

Джейми Чунг и Брайан Гринберг помолвлены

The star of “Bachelor party 2” Jamie Chung and television series “the Sopranos” Bryan Greenberg became engaged in San Francisco. The couple met two years.

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Виктория Бекхэм и герцогиня Кэтрин стали подругами

Victoria Beckham and Duchess Catherine became friends: they brought together their love of fashion and motherhood. In addition, Prince William wants to learn from David Beckham to cook sushi.

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