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foto-na-svadbu-rssWedding photos are not equal no video. But make it so you have to choose the best photographer. How it to make? Read More →

домашние маски для коленей

They say that their knees, if nothing else, give the age of the woman. However, this say about the neck, and about the elbows, and the skin around the eyes. But hardly overly talkative others can console, when his knees suddenly lose its former smoothness and accurate and begin to resemble coarse, shapeless bags, and the meek skirts and dresses have to forget, I hope not forever.

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Every woman wants to dress beautifully and stylishly… Read More →

духи из цветов своими руками

To prepare the spirits of purchased color or colors of your garden, just some 20-30 minutes and three months. And you will become an owner of a completely unique author’s fragrance, just a little wait. Just imagine: to combine in one flavor of what you always wanted to join, but buy this and failed. And then three months, and rose with mint, bergamot and vanilla you in a bottle!

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pervij-klass-rssThe first of September already passed. However, if your baby has gone to the first class, then you might want to read about how you can make life easier for your first-graders. Read More →

The company Adidas Group presented a new collection of collections of clothes for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014, which combines the model things from different lines of the brand,such as Adidas Originals, Adidas Perfomance and joint collection with Jeremy Scott, Ransom, Kazuki Kuraishi, Mark McNairy and BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS. Soon all the new collection can be seen in shops of adidas. Photo […] Read More →

posudomoika-rssIf you are tired of hand washing of dishes, it’s time to purchase a car. Benefit in our time is from what to choose. But how to choose and we will talk. Read More →

ночные домашние маски для лица

Look better in a dream – the dream of any отъявленной beauty лентяйки. Asleep ugly duckling, and Wake up straight королевищной! Leather gets wet, clean, and the wrinkles are smoothed, the acne will disappear, spots too. So because in the morning you and myself in the mirror not know and home scare. However, joking apart, night Facials – not such a rarity and their regular use is quite capable to help our skin look much better, but, unfortunately, not on all fronts.

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lauritsulfat-natriyaЛауритсульфат sodium currently is added practically in all cosmetic products. Let’s see what it is and how much it is dangerous indeed. Read More →

In anticipation of the new autumn-winter season Zara produces lookbook collection at the beginning of autumn 2013. In the collection of the democratic youth line Zara TRF – things like Edie Слимана for Saint Laurent, for example leopard coat, checked shirt and dress-shirts with a floral print. We remind you about an interesting event – August 26, Zara opens official online shop in Russia. Photo lookbook Zara […] Read More →