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Первое фото Леди Гаги для Versace

The network has appeared the first photo of Lady Gaga for the advertising campaign Versace spring-summer of 2014. Donatella Versace deemed for the honor to invite a friend on the role of “emissary” of the fashion house.

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kostyum-rssThemed parties and performances of the New year are held in all kindergartens. And sometimes the choice of attire for your baby turns into a real disaster. How it to make? Read More →

Last time Kim Kardashian and Kanye West travel to the USA together with the 5-month-old daughter North part of a tour Kanye Yeezus. However, the rapper decided to break saturated touring to spend time with family and dine together at a new York restaurant. Caring Kanye finally gave Kim Kardashian relax: judging by the photos Read More →

In the middle of the week Ksenia Sobchak held a charity auction at the State historical Museum in Moscow. Participants of the evening became Tatyana Lazareva, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Tatyana Drubich, Daria Lisichenko and others. All these women with a good heart shared their charitable initiatives. So, the actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite is the Trustee of the Read More →

дизайн гелевых ногтейThe extended nails many benefits and there are significant shortcomings. Development of the nail industry to reduce the number of the latter, for example, gel many girls now extend their nails are much more willing than before. In this regard, the design of gel nail becomes even more popular, which is not surprising. Gel build-up gives nails Shine, which is becoming a real decoration, and in combination with original drawings, such nails look even more effectively.


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When you desire to run in the network of own roller, supported by an additional desire to achieve with this popularity, you need to think about this kind of «creativity» deserved a guaranteed attention of a large number of spectators. In the system of YouTube there are many channels of various subjects. Among them are a considerable niche information feminine character. How, creating a women’s channel, fill it with interesting video that would […] Read More →

Выбираем образ недели: 18.11 - 23.11

This time for the main title of the ladies weeks of fighting Natalia Vodianova, its namesake Natalia Ionova and Natalya Goldenberg and Laura Джугелия, Irina Kurbatova and Irina Chaikovskaya.

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brand-ochki-rssAnd have you ever thought why some glasses are very expensive, while others are ten times cheaper. Duck here all the matter is not only in the brand (manufacturer), but also in quality! Read More →

The reasons of occurrence of corrugated nails on the hands can be several. For example, fungus, poor manicure, a weakened immune system, damage to the nail plate or a congenital defect. It is worthwhile to discuss every problem in more detail. To begin consideration of this problem with the fungus. This disease can be obtained from household… Read More →

fisher-rssFisher price is engaged in the manufacture of toys for more than 80 years. However, the quality of its toys did not deteriorated, and opposite it even better. Read More →