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Новые кадры фильма Уэса Андерсона "Отель "Гранд Будапешт"

In the network there are new film footage of Wes Anderson’s “the Grand Budapest” with Jude Lowe, Рейфом Fiennes, Эдвартом Norton and other actors in the roles.

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Girls nails at home, often wonder how to make color gel. Buying transparent or white substance, tips or regulations not included. How to handle this? If you want to make the color gel nails, it is often buy… Read More →

Рената Литвинова в клипе Земфиры "Жить в твоей голове"

Fans of almost a year of waiting out the video for the title song of the album “Live in your head” since its release Zemfira, and finally it happened! Helped her in this film Director Renata Litvinova.

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No matter how besieged us good defenders of animals… Read More →

Афтепати "Золотого глобуса", vol.3: Джиллиан Андерсон и другие

At the after party The Weinstein Company and Netflix came Gillian Anderson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin spacey, Alexa Chung and others.

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"Золотой глобус-2014": Сара Хайлэнд

Next on the carpet Golden globe-2014″ appears Sarah highland. Star of the TV series “American family” preferred outfit peach.

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Дарья Вербова о любви к аштанга-йоге, блошиным рынкам и карьере актрисы

Daria verbova became the heroine of the February issue of the American Harper’s Bazaar and told about the love of yoga and flea markets.

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Звезды тоже плачут: фильмы, заставившие рыдать Николь Кидман, Брэда Питта, Милу Кунис и других

Nicole Kidman, brad pitt, Mila kunis, Charlize Theron and other stars talk about the films they were forced to weep. In General, cook handkerchiefs!

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Хилари Дафф и Майк Комри расстались

Hilary Duff broke up with her husband Mike Комри after three years of marriage. The couple has a 21-month old son Luke Cruz. Thanks for the news, blogger araminta.

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Джулия Робертс рассказала HELLO! о драке с Мерил Стрип

This year first issue of the magazine HELLO! dedicated to Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep. In an exclusive interview with Roberts explained why she fought with Meryl.

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