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50-летняя Николь Кидман появилась на обложке журнала Love в смелом образе

50-year-old Nicole Kidman appeared on the cover of Love in a bold way

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Суд обязал Мелани Браун выплачивать экс-супругу Стивену Белафонте алименты в размере 40 тысяч долларов ежемесячно

The court ordered Melanie brown to pay ex-spouse Stephen Belafonte alimony in the amount of 40 thousand dollars a month

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Usually such symptoms develops on the background of producing mechanical injury due to entrapment, impact or even crash of foreign objects. And if, after the injury suddenly turned black, the base of the nail, there is no need to let the situation slide in the hope that black gradually sestet together… Read More →

Криштиану Роналду с Джорджиной Родригез, детьми и родственниками отдыхает на Ибице

Cristiano Ronaldo with Georgina Rodriguez, children and relatives resting in Ibiza

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Кейт Миддлтон, принцы Уильям, Гарри и другие на государственном банкете в честь испанских монархов

Kate Middleton, princes William, Harry and others at the state Banquet in honor of the Spanish monarchs

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Британец пожаловался в соцсети на своего начальника за то, что тот не разрешил ему приходить на работу с макияжем

The Briton complained in social networks on his head because he did not allow him to come to work with makeup

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Shellac appeared on the market of goods and services is relatively recent, but despite this fact, this material has already become super-popular, pushing far into the background once fashionable adding gel and acrylic polymers. To work with this polymer is a pleasure, because although… Read More →

But men’s nail Polish is not just a trend, but a wonderful tool for self-care, which is available in quite a wide palette, offering not only risky design options for the most creative and bold but rigorous classics, always… Read More →

mult1varka-rssThis multifunction device has found application not only on the shelf of Housewives, but also in the kitchens of restaurants. Experts are convinced that the device saves the maximum cooking time… Read More →