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teenx-rssThe art of makeup is popular since ancient times, it resorted to by many women and even men. Warriors painted their bodies and faces before a fight to intimidate… Read More →

Екатерина Климова поделилась чувственным снимком в соцсети

Ekaterina Klimova shared a sensual picture in the social network

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kitajskaya-medicina-rssThe practice of Oriental medicine there are thousands of years. But, unlike the European, Chinese medicine was not limited to laxatives, vomiting, and bone saw. Read More →

Как прошел благотворительный забег Натальи Водяновой "Бегущие сердца": фотоотчет

How was the charity race Natalia Vodianova Running hearts: photos

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Загар без солнца: бронзаторы — водостойкая пудра, кремы, масло, гель

Tan without sunshine: face — water-resistant powder, cream, oil, gel

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СМИ: Эван Шпигель и Миранда Керр поженятся в ближайшие дни

Media: Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr are getting married in the next few days

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Кит Харингтон, Софи Тернер, Мэйси Уильямс на новых кадрах со съемок седьмого сезона "Игры престолов"

Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams on new footage from the shooting of the seventh season of “Game of thrones”

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Дита фон Тиз провела свой лучший день в Москве и рассказала о нем в соцсети

Dita von Teese had its best day in Moscow and told him about it in the social network

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Создатели "Игры престолов" представили в сети новый постер и рассекретили сюжет седьмого сезона сериала

The creators of “Game of thrones” has introduced a brand new poster and declassified the plot of the seventh season of the series

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gip3rton-rssHypertension is diagnosed today have many. It is especially common in civilized countries. She primarily affects people who lead an active life… Read More →