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Expert Wella Sasha Breuer: "Browning'ombre is still valid"

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Mila kunis will play his beloved Ashton Kutcher

Мила Кунис сыграет возлюбленную Эштона Катчера

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher for the first time since the end of 90-ies will appear on the screen together. The actress will play in the series “Two and a half men” girl you are in love with the hero Kutcher.

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Promo code, online store: what it is and what it eats?

promokod-rssProbably every one of You if not shopped in online stores, but at least went to their websites. And certainly met such concept, as the promotional code or coupon. What is it? Read More →

The best products for hair with keratin 2013

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Drama Queen: Alexander McQueen show at the fashion Week in Paris

Drama Queen: показ Alexander McQueen на Неделе моды в Париже

Yesterday was a day of fashion Week in Paris ended with a presentation of Alexander McQueen. We offer to evaluate the new collection, and to discuss the main trends.”

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The best firming products for hair on the basis of henna

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The best remedy against hair loss

Cure hair loss: 5 effective means. Read More →

Velvet sand for nails - the secret of your trendy manicure!

Sand nail – latest material that allows you to make very unusual floor. Currently, the technology for deposition of sand on the nail plate taught masters all the most fashionable and expensive beauty salons. Currently, the cosmetics industry offers a variety of services,… Read More →

"Nika-2014": the nominees for national awards

"Ника-2014": номинанты национальной кинопремии

On Tuesday, the nominees were announced on the oldest national award “Nika”. For victory in this year will fight “Geographer globe away”, “Metro” and many other bands.

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Best funds for reconstruction and detoxifying hair

Perola by «Marcia Teixeira» Read More →

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