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Much exfoliate fingernails: what to do?

Many women are concerned with the state of nails. The most common cause for excitement – stratification of the nail plates. Actually, that exfoliate fingernails, is not only a cosmetic problem, but a signal failure in the body. On Аюверде, brittle weak nails… Read More →

Miranda Kerr in a Frank Terry Richardson photoshoot

Миранда Керр в откровенной фотосессии Терри Ричардсона

The Australian model Miranda Kerr starred in a Frank scandalous photo shoot photographer Terry Richardson, who has worked with Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and sisters Hilton.

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Myths about horoscopes, or how to make a better day

goroskop-rssIf you various horoscopes attach too much importance, then this article is just for you. Let’s consider the most common myths associated with astrology. Read More →

Select image of the week: 16

Выбираем образ недели: 16.12 - 22.12

Today we ought to choose the winner in the category “Image of the week”. Ekaterina Mukhina Yana Расковалова, IDA Lolo, Svetlana Меткина, Oksana He and the other ladies in the fight for the title of the most stylish.

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Acrylic nail design: bright ideas for all occasions

акриловый дизайн ногтейFor the majority of modern women, hand care – is the same habitual and necessary procedure as, say, brushing teeth or washing. Even those whose natural nails leave much to be desired, can have a great manicure thanks treatment capacity. A spectacular acrylic nail design allows you to create your fingertips real masterpieces – bright and unforgettable.


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Bodyguard Karl Lagerfeld, "I won't model"

Телохранитель Карла Лагерфельда: "Я не стану моделью"

Bodyguard Karl Lagerfeld Sebastien Жондо told how I got the job, became the right hand of the designer and what he thinks about the modeling career.

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Robin Wright and Ben foster engaged

Робин Райт и Бен Фостер помолвлены

Star of the TV series “house of cards” Robin Wright is engaged to boyfriend Ben foster. Earlier, the actress was married to Sean Penn.

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How do planar molding on nails: advice of experienced craftsmen

Modern fashionable women finding new ways to Express their individuality, one of which is a nail design. In the nails modeling used different methods of decoration, including two-dimensional modeling. Most often molding on the nails used to create a wedding or a solemn design… Read More →

Assistant Найджелы Lawson didn't steal the money from her credit cards

Помощницы Найджелы Лоусон не крали деньги с ее кредитных карточек

Assistant presenter Найджелы Lawson and billionaire Charles Saatchi acquitted of fraud: the sisters didn’t steal 685 thousand pounds with their credit cards.

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"Stalingrad" dropped out from the race for Oscar

"Сталинград" выбыл из гонки на "Оскар"

“Stalingrad” was eliminated from the participation of the race for Oscars. In the list of nominees includes films from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark and other countries. Thanks for the news, blogger Cooper.

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