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vacuum-massazh-rsssVacuum massage is a directed impact on the body with a cosmetic or therapeutic effect. It goes well with other types of massages, for example… Read More →

идеальный макияж для увеличения глазUndoubtedly, without exception, all the ladies want to have regular features and large expressive eyes. One are lucky by nature, while others may resort to a little trickery. Using normal cosmetic products and tools that will always find a place even in a small women’s purse, you can create the perfect makeup to enlarge eyes.

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hronich-ustalost-rsssOften people suffering from chronic fatigue in society think are just lazy. People with low energy potential. Usually, such people almost all the time I feel apathy… Read More →

Пятый день "Новой волны-2017": фавориты конкурса и звездные участники

The fifth day of the “New wave-2017”: the favorites of the competition and celebrity participants

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frakc-fototermoliz-rssFractional photothermolysis is a unique rejuvenation technique, developed in 2003. This hardware procedure is based on the use of the laser. Rays affect the surface or… Read More →

Бейонсе, Джей Зи, Джанет Джексон и другие знаменитости пришли на помощь пострадавшим от урагана в США

Beyonce, Jay Z, Janet Jackson and other celebrities came to the aid of hurricane victims in the United States

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Концерт членов жюри на "Новой волне-2017": Яна Рудковская, Филипп Киркоров, Алсу, Дима Билан, Сергей Лазарев и другие

Concert of jury members at the “New wave-2017”: Yana Rudkovskaya, Philip Kirkorov, Alsu, Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev and others

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kolyaska-dla-devochki-rsssWhen young parents buy baby strollers for girls, often they don’t know what product to choose. Daddy’s girl was never a mother, although she was, but alas, doesn’t remember much about that… Read More →

ximchistka-podushek-rssPillow during sleep is one of the most important items. It should be regularly cleaned, because the sweat, dust and dirt are bad for human health, and spot – on mood. Read More →

"День кино" на "Новой волне-2017": Сергей Лазарев, Алсу, Дима Билан, Филипп Киркоров, Анжелика Варум и все-все-все

“Movie day” at the “New wave-2017”: Sergei Lazarev, Alsou, Dima Bilan, Philip Kirkorov, Angelika Varum and everything

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