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Oil for hair at home (video)

масло для волос в домашних условиях

Oil once again become the most fashionable subject in today’s beauty industry. Following the modern fashion trends, we generously умасливаем a variety of oils from head to toe. About the head, but rather about the hair, and we are going to tell. This oil for hair will not contain silicon, which, by the way, generously spiced almost all of purchased oil, but there will be some extremely useful for our hair oils, including essential. However, in the case of home cooking oil for hair need to understand the principle, and then to play composition as deem fit.

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Socks for pedicure

Носочки для педикюраNew invention of Japanese scientists – socks pedicure. How to assure the creators of such socks can completely replace dust and pollen pedicure and make your heels soft and gentle as a baby. Japanese socks pedicure These socks were invented in Japan, so the… Read More →

Anti-aging Facials of two components

омолаживающие маски для лица

To the skin Shine youth and beauty, does not necessarily mix homemade facial masks twelve ingredients, five of whom have since the week to insist. You can do much less time, means and nerves. Take, for example, the following anti-aging Facials only two components that must exist in any average refrigerator and a kitchen Cabinet.

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Curative pedicure

Лечебный педикюрCurative pedicure is not only aesthetic and hygienic procedure, but also medical, which involves removal of ingrown toenails, corns, and also solves the problem of extreme dryness of the skin of the feet. Hygienic pedicure Most popular treatment for the feet… Read More →

Fashion clothes for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014 of Dries Van Noten (+112 photo)

At the fashion week in Paris, was a collection of well-known fashion houses Dries Van Noten. Season autumn-winter 2013-2014 for the collection was marked by an elegant style – all models are thought to carry femininity and exquisite restraint. The range of the provided service within a single collection is wide enough scarves of different shades, long knitted sweaters, suits and […] Read More →

Eyelash - extra length and density

наращивание ресницMany of us would like to have more long, thick lashes. Therefore, the procedure of extension of eyelashes is so popular. As hair extension, eyelash extension adds length and density own lashes. With the help of an experienced master of synthetic eyelashes, which are of different lengths, colors and thickness, are superimposed on the natural lashes and can remain there for a week or longer. In contrast to the false eyelashes, capacity done a single artificial ресничке on one natural.


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Male pedicure

Мужской педикюрMany men prefer summer wear an open and light shoes. And if nails and heel groomed, it catches the eye. And after all, male pedicure easily help bring order to the feet of any Superman in a matter of minutes. Male pedicure at home as… Read More →

Homemade masks for hair loss

домашние маски от выпадения волос


Homemade masks for hair loss – a case without a doubt, worthwhile, but very troublesome to the same fragrance, frankly, for an Amateur, and burns notably. But the result is worth it, right? Even though, of course, as anyone, but coconut oil with pepper still a sin not to try, as, however, and garlic tincture of cognac.

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Design of nails gel-lacquers

Дизайн ногтей гель-лакомEvery modern girl dreams about sustained painted surfaces, which will keep the brightness and color for a few weeks. Not so long ago in the world of nail art appeared perfect solution to this problem – design of nails gel-lacquers! It is a miracle tool is applied on your nail, cures… Read More →

Manicure autumn 2013: how to choose

Beautiful and well-groomed nails – the main sign of taste and a tool of self-confidence. However, in order to manicure looked perfectly, special attention should be paid to the relevance of the chosen design, which must necessarily be trendy. We on the website will tell you how to look manicure autumn 2013. Fashionable color in the autumn […] Read More →