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Escada spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

Images of the new collection Escada Resort 2014 were very gentle and romantic. Shuttlecocks on skirts and blouses, dresses and transparent fabric – it all adds to the image of femininity and sensuality. But there are in the collection and business strict kits – elegant trousers, trendy jackets and jackets. Color – black and white ornaments and mint, vanilla shades. Photo collection Escada […] Read More →

Golden rules for preserving the health of your spine

pozvonok-rssIf you have a «sedentary» profession and strongly back pain, it is recommended to visit a neurologist. Neglected diseases of the spine can become a big problem. Read More →

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Mesotherapy hair at home

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Nail design «cherry»

Дизайн ногтей Refresh image can easily funny manicure, such as nail design cherry. Its very easy to do, focusing on the photo, but it looks very fresh and nice. For this, you need lacquer three colors: white, green and red. The first thing накрасьте… Read More →

Wedding hairstyles for long hair - a variety of images for the bride

свадебные прически для длинных волосWedding is the most important event in the life of each woman who tries to make its image of the bride unforgettable. The choice of dresses and hairstyles for special attention, as it will be glued views of the guests throughout the day, and they will remain memorable photos for the family album. You cannot deny one features: for the wedding, many girls are trying to grow their hair them to create a beautiful hairdo. Course short haircuts possible to make a stylish stacking for this celebration, but it was long hair and give brides, and stylists, scope for creativity. Wedding hairstyles for long hair always look especially effectively and feminine.


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Original homemade masks for acne and blackheads

домашние маски от прыщей и черных точек


And re-engage with foreign Internet fields. This time we will find a compilation of original masks for acne and blackheads, which, apparently, are affecting more and more part of the residents of the Internet. The residents of the Internet, as you know, famous for their ingenuity. The following recipes homemade masks for acne and blackheads that vivid and unequivocal confirmation.

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Natural nail design

Дизайн натуральных ногтейThat beautifully manicured and painted nails are the real adornment of a woman known for a long time. The decoration and design of natural nails is an art, which is called by the name of nail art, which is also subject to the influence of fashion trends. In addition, each year is characterized by its colors,… Read More →

Dry shampoo in the home

сухой шампунь в домашних условиях


Dry shampoo is today not only a life-saver when once wash the head, and the fact and nothing, because the hot water is turned off for a long time, today the dry shampoo is still an indispensable tool for hair with a fashionable matte effect. In addition dry shampoo is able to make thin hair is thicker and tame the unruly strands, allowing to make a beautiful and voluminous hair.

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Nail design «Abstraction»

Дизайн ногтей Design of nails to create abstract paintings are limitless options, the main thing here is the successful combination of colors and forms of a drawing. Imagine technique one simple option that can be easily performed using a needle. The creation of such a picture of the house need about 30 minutes of free… Read More →