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Can I repair a broken fingernail?

In the life of almost every girl there is a very unpleasant situation, when breaks one of the nails, and comes after that clip at its level and the rest. But before this, the nails so much wasted time and effort. It so happens that one moment – and a nail broken, and the women Read More →

Leonardo DiCaprio and Miroslava Duma at the opening of clock and watch boutique

Леонардо ДиКаприо и Мирослава Дума на открытии часового бутика

In Paris yesterday the opening time of the boutique. Guests of the event were Leonardo DiCaprio, Miroslava Duma and other lovers keep track of time.

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Battle of dresses: Christina Aguilera vs Victoria Beckham

Битва платьев: Кристина Агилера против Виктории Бекхэм

Today we are waiting for almost clash of the titans: the dress Victoria Beckham fight Christina Aguilera and very Victoria Beckham. Who will get your vote – blonde or брюнетке?

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Kara Дельвинь will play the sister Amanda Knox in the film "Face of an angel"

Кара Дельвинь сыграет сестру Аманды Нокс в фильме "Лицо ангела"

Kara Дельвинь continues to try his hand at acting career. It became known that her adopted the role of sister Amanda Knox in the film “Face of an angel”.

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Exotic or not very homemade masks for dry skin

домашние маски для сухой кожи лица


Exotic, as it is known, is a relative concept. For someone person yogurt spread – already exotics, and someone every day mask of caviar tailed fish does and thinks that it should be. Caviar tailed fish we, perhaps, omit, but avocado with coconut oil necessarily’re going to put yourself and still there’s something sort of намешаем to diversify and decorate their lifetime beauty routine.

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The influence of Polish on the nails: the harm and the benefit

Life of the modern woman consists of trifles. And such insignificant at first glance, item manicures, actually sometimes able to dictate the entire image and set the mood for the whole day. Once again, вырисовывая on their ноготках intricate patterns or covering them with bright color, girls think about the impact of varnish. What are the benefits of nail Polish, and […] Read More →

Emilia Jardin-Paterson: "the secret stylist" the Duchess Catherine

Эмилия Жарден-Патерсон: "секретный стилист" герцогини Кэтрин

Before the christening of Prince George, few people knew the name Emilia Jardin-Paterson. However, it turned out that the girl is not only a close friend of the Duchess Catherine, but her “secret stylist”.

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How to achieve the effect of crystal nail?

Nails, which at first glance seem to be made of crystal, a new boom in the area of capacity. Not surprisingly, the answer to the question of how to achieve such beauty, care, plenty of modern fashionistas. Special demand is crystal nail among brides. And this is understandable…. Read More →

Fashionable duel: the costume jewellery VS jewelry

bizhuteriya-rssNot all women can afford expensive jewels in the form of stones and gold. But beautiful jewelry can buy, probably each. What to choose? Read More →

Sofia Vergara became a messenger of Head & Shoulders

Sofia Vergara at the filming of a promotional campaign for Head & Shoulders Face of Cover Girl c 2011 more recently Sofia Vergara is another beauty brand. Today it became known, that the actress will appear in an advertising campaign Head & Shoulders together with members of her family in early 2014. Celebrity, full of Read More →

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