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How to get rid of gray hair

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Jean Paul Gaultier spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

In the announcement of the spring-summer collection 2014 Jean Paul Gaultier presented original set of clothes – transparent skirts which are visible tights and edge blouses, transparent coat, socks, pants bananas and wide hats. Fantasy creative designer is surprising in its scope – trousers with a slit or pants with flower division into two parts, a jacket with a train, interesting colors jackets-бомберов. Photo collection of Jean […] Read More →

Warts on feet

Бородавки на ногахWarts on feet is a phenomenon that is ugly though harmless. The emergence of these little villains on the feet and fingers can be prevented if we become more attentive to his body. Warts on the feet are caused by single or multiple papilloma viruses. He forced cells faster and share…. Read More →

Updo for long hair - stylish and spectacular model

высокие прически для длинных волосChoosing high hairstyles for long hair, modern woman pays tribute to the many years of tradition, which, despite all the fashionable innovations couturier, remain unaffected. High hairstyle can be created and the hair of average length, but how long she looks especially solemnly. If you are the lucky owner of long hair, not обделяйте its sophistication – try to create a beautiful high styling.


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Bikini vs one piece swimsuit - what to wear to the beach?

Before this choice rises every girl who is going on holiday at the sea. Bikini or swimsuit one piece – which model to stay, to be not only beautiful, but also fashionable? We will help to define and describe what choices are now at the peak of popularity. You can also visit, where you will find an extensive collection of bathing suits the different online shops, presented […] Read More →

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Fancy pants fall-winter 2013-2014 (+65 photo)

The new autumn-winter 2013-2014 designers pleasing to the abundance of models of the fashion press. On the catwalks were represented different model – wide pants in men’s style, classic trousers with arrows and high waist, cropped styles of pants, tight pants, pipes and banana pants, and bell-bottomed pants, a La 90s. Let us dwell on each of these options. Slacks in men’s style. […] Read More →

Delicate design of nails

Нежный дизайн ногтейEvery woman who scrupulous care for their appearance, does not leave without attention to the nails. To decorate them, use different techniques of nail Polish, but if you want something fine and easy, you can make the delicate design of nails. If you want a manicure… Read More →

Fashion jacket autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+59 photo)

So, what jackets were presented designers not the fashion week in Paris, Milan and London? How to choose a jacket on a season autumn-winter 2013-2014? First, the mod will be textured leather jackets unusual colors. Of course, if you don’t want experiments and stick to the classics, it is better to choose black or a crimson jacket. Burgundy is very relevant, as Valentino! […] Read More →

Hairstyles for very long hair - variety of styles for every day

прически для очень длинных волосLong hair embody beauty, but also force women. At least on this account there is an ancient belief, according to which the hair is concentrated powerful energy and life force, and with their help, beautiful floor can communicate with the cosmos. But all these myths and legends in which you can believe or not to believe. Much more of a problem of modern girls with long hair is the need for daily care for them, lay, trying to minimize trauma for them. What if they are very long? The problem becomes more urgent, and their owner will have to find practical hairstyles for very long hair.


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