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Very short haircuts - bold length

очень короткие стрижкиSome women life wear long or medium length hair, enjoying the ability to create new hairstyles, others opt for short haircuts, preferring convenience diversity. Those who never cut your hair is very short, will never understand this pleasure, fearing that such hair is not able to look attractive. But the presumption artlessness such hairstyles mistakenly, because even a very short haircuts can look feminine and interesting than a hair, arranged in a large wave.


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Services of the family psychologist will help to improve relations

sem-psih-rssNow family psychologist is quite popular profession, as more and more couples marital problems willing to go to a specialist. Read More →

Fat free homemade masks for the neck

домашние маски для кожи шеи

New year, apparently brought to the great cause of the struggle for eternal youth and beauty is truly revolutionary changes. Oil, say, Dan fight. It supposedly too softens the skin, making it susceptible to various unpleasant обвисающим and провисающим deformation. So there is nothing to skin too cajole, it should be отдраивать, безмасленными means moisturize and non-greasy food to nourish. Let’s try? So much to do, time trend this on our skin, a desire for a great revolutionary achievements in the blood.

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Vanessa Mae will perform at the Olympics in Sochi from Thailand

Ванесса Мэй выступит на Олимпиаде в Сочи от Таиланда

Blogger pioqqia-secca shared новостю that violinist Vanessa Mae will participate in the Olympic games in Sochi in the discipline of giant slalom. Girl speak of team Thailand.

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Fashion handbags spring-summer 2014 (+54 photo)

In the new season so I want to update not only the clothes but also accessories, and – handbag is very important! Spring-summer 2014 – a new season and designers worked on glory in creating their masterpieces. Note the handbag of Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Mulberry. Interesting ideas bags at Chanel – classic handbags-clutches and […] Read More →

Close-up: Kate moss for Alexander McQueen

Крупным планом: Кейт Мосс для Alexander McQueen

In the network there are new images of the advertising campaign of Alexander McQueen, with the participation of Kate moss, as well as a mini-movie starring supermodel.

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Beautiful short haircuts - stylish and elegant

красивые короткие стрижкиThe cult of long hair for women reigned for almost the entire period of existence of mankind, except only in the twentieth century. For hundred of years, women have learned to demonstrate its appeal without буклей and сложносочиненных styling that were previously the integral attributes of the image of the ladies. Already been in the fashion beautiful short haircut, which do not yield hairstyles for long hair, and even win.


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How to choose a perfume for the winter? A few simple tips

zim-duh-rssCurrently there is a huge number of perfumes, toilet waters and deodorants for women. However, not all of them can be used in winter. Why is it so and what perfume you choose? Read More →

Calendar Сплетника": women Mikhail Baryshnikov

Календарь "Сплетника": женщины Михаила Барышникова

January 27 marks the birthday of Mikhail Baryshnikov. On this occasion we have decided to recall the most beautiful thing that surrounds him – that is, his women.

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Grammy-2014: the red carpet of the musical award of the year

Grammy-2014: красная дорожка музыкальной премии года

In Los Angeles stars gather for a major music prize of the year Grammy. It is time to assess outfits celebrities and wait for the beginning of the ceremony.

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