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Fancy pants fall-winter 2013-2014 (+65 photo)

The new autumn-winter 2013-2014 designers pleasing to the abundance of models of the fashion press. On the catwalks were represented different model – wide pants in men’s style, classic trousers with arrows and high waist, cropped styles of pants, tight pants, pipes and banana pants, and bell-bottomed pants, a La 90s. Let us dwell on each of these options. Slacks in men’s style. […] Read More →

Delicate design of nails

Нежный дизайн ногтейEvery woman who scrupulous care for their appearance, does not leave without attention to the nails. To decorate them, use different techniques of nail Polish, but if you want something fine and easy, you can make the delicate design of nails. If you want a manicure… Read More →

Fashion jacket autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+59 photo)

So, what jackets were presented designers not the fashion week in Paris, Milan and London? How to choose a jacket on a season autumn-winter 2013-2014? First, the mod will be textured leather jackets unusual colors. Of course, if you don’t want experiments and stick to the classics, it is better to choose black or a crimson jacket. Burgundy is very relevant, as Valentino! […] Read More →

Hairstyles for very long hair - variety of styles for every day

прически для очень длинных волосLong hair embody beauty, but also force women. At least on this account there is an ancient belief, according to which the hair is concentrated powerful energy and life force, and with their help, beautiful floor can communicate with the cosmos. But all these myths and legends in which you can believe or not to believe. Much more of a problem of modern girls with long hair is the need for daily care for them, lay, trying to minimize trauma for them. What if they are very long? The problem becomes more urgent, and their owner will have to find practical hairstyles for very long hair.


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Black and white nail design

Черно-белый дизайн ногтейManicure independently able to only усидчивая and patient girl. However, this work will be rewarded with the scrutiny of others. Black and white design of nails done for a while but looks very stylish. Simple and relatively quick picture perfect every day. For him you… Read More →

Nail design «peacock»

Дизайн ногтей The brightness of paints peacock feather inspires manicure reproduction juicy, bright colors, which nature has generously endowed exotic birds. Nail design «peacock Feather» requires accuracy in choosing combinations: one extra shade – and the picture becomes rough, congested. Usually the nail design… Read More →

Evening hairstyles for long hair - diversity in style and character

вечерние прически для длинных волосLong hair made to do various laying on the output. High beautiful shells, smooth beams, elegant or original spit, decorated with miniature metal or jewelry pins – all this evening hairstyles for long hair, that are available to you. Each new season hairstyles vary according to the trends of fashion. Which of these styles can brighten your image to the evening?


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Homemade masks for strengthening the skin of the breast

домашние маски для укрепления кожи груди

It is the state of the skin of the breast is largely dependent for its appearance, because it holds the breast skin and gives her SAG dull ears Spaniel or sad milk cans on a long handle, so the skin of the breast should cherish no less facial skin. Here, too, requires the constant cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nutrition, and then your chest will serve you faithfully for many, many years.

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Nail design sponge

Дизайн ногтей губкойThere are many ways to make a nice unusual manicure, and one of them is nail design sponge. With this useful tool, you can create a truly spectacular figures, including color gradient (gradual transition from one shade to another). A little practice,… Read More →