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Hot, winter, our: closing of the Olympic games

Жаркие, зимние, наши: закрытие Олимпийских игр

Our team over the last two days had made a miracle from sixth place in the medal standings “jumped” on the first, because of the biathletes and skiers. On account of Russians 13 gold, 11 silver and nine bronze medals.

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Strip: a trendy print and current trends

poloska-rssIn the season 2014 great popularity among women will use the clothes in the strip. This print have long been out of fashion, and this year will be relevant. Read More →

Calendar Сплетника": 23 most men

Календарь "Сплетника": 23 самых-самых мужчины

Male feast make a gift to women and offers a look at the list of the most generous, sexual, popular men.

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Choose a fashionable and beautiful wedding dress

modn-svadeb-rssPreparing for a wedding for many simply turns into a nightmare, and the choice of dress for the wedding ceremony and worse. How quickly choose fashionable and beautiful outfit? Read More →

Russia ranks first in the medal standings

Россия на первом месте в медальном зачете

Biathletes have won gold in the relay at the Olympic games in Sochi. Thanks to Alexey Volkov, Eugene Ustyugov, Dmitry Malyshko and Anton Shipulin, Russia ranks first in the medal standings.

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Premiere of 50 shades of grey

Завершились съемки фильма "50 оттенков серого"

Production of a film “50 shades of grey completed. This was reported in his Instagram author of the acclaimed book.

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Homemade face mask with clay

домашние маски для лица с глиной

Homemade face mask with clay, perhaps, the most labor-consuming in the preparation of homemade cosmetic product. It is very difficult to mix them, Yes I agree, dirty this case, extremely dirty. If compared to even the cheapest shopping, homemade face mask with clay are not even a penny, and tenths of these kopecks. Besides, there certainly are natural nowhere, without any silicones, parabens, preservatives and other popular nowadays cosmetic horror stories.

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Candice Свэйнпол in advertising fashion brand

Кэндис Свэйнпол в рекламе модного бренда

Candice Свэйнпол become the “face” of the fashion brand, we offer to evaluate the ad campaign featuring supermodels.

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Star style: Jennifer Lopez at a party

Звездный стиль: Дженнифер Лопес на вечеринке

Jennifer Lopez appeared on the party of the show American Idol in the elegant slinky black dress. We estimate the stylish output celebrities.

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Louise Vuitton handbags and shoes spring-summer 2014 (+16 photos)

New collection of shoes and bags was introduced Louise Vuitton for the season spring-summer 2014. Collection of saturated with the Inquisition – sandals remind shackles, handcuffs, chains, or maybe it’s elements BDSM? Photo gallery of fashionable footwear and handbags Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2014: Read More →

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