Помощницы Найджелы Лоусон не крали деньги с ее кредитных карточек

Nigel Lawson and Charles Saatchi

Yesterday the assistant to the TV presenter Найджелы Lawson and billionaire Charles Saatchi were acquitted of fraud: sisters-Italian Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo is not steal 685 thousand pounds sterling credit card pairs.

Thus, the acquittal of the court was made on the second day of hearings. Neither defendant was not present at the announcement, because she was ill. After a jury removed from the courtroom, the judge Robin Johnson explained that the defendants are in the building of the court:

One of them does not feel very well, very excitedly. You all understand that a criminal trial stressful time for many people. With the consent of the lawyers, I allowed the defendants to be in another room.

Recall оправдательному court decision was preceded by an extraordinary judicial process, during which the presenter of TV cooking show The Taste of Nigel Lawson confessed the use of cocaine and канапли, but denied the fact of addiction. In addition, she stated that she had used cocaine because of her ex-husband who subjected her to “personal terror”.

Lawyer assistants to the scandalous couple told the court that the Italians fell under the “crossfire” divorce Найджелы and Charles. Moreover, he considers the trial only way the ex-spouse revenge on each other.

сестры грилло
Assistant Найджелы Lawson and Charles Saatchi sisters Grillo

найджела лоусон
Nigel Lawson sent to court


найджела лоусон-2

найджела лоусон-3

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