The state of hands is a very important factor in the General list of cases for the care of their appearance. Clearance are different and which one to choose is a matter of personal preference, but besides aesthetic component of accuracy is important.

Even one incorrectly performed line can completely spoil the impression of the overall picture. It might seem that the accuracy of painting nails only comes with experience, and what to do perfectly manicure only master can, but it is not so. Of course, there are all kinds of stickers on the nails that can accurately figure, but there is one drawback – stereotyped. Lovers of non-standard approach and new solutions may be interested to know how to do a manicure tape.

What the advantages of such a technique of application of varnish? Firstly, it is really quite simple. Secondly, the figure, you can be yourself, which is far to turn around a flight of fancy.

Scotch help to achieve maximal accuracy not only in deriving direct lines, it’s important just to give it the desired shape. It is also suitable for such techniques as lunar or French manicure, not out of fashion quite a large number of years.

Manicure with tape implies the presence of several improvised materials. For the coating may take several varnishes, which include: leveling, main, a few extra for pattern drawing up and colorless to freeze. Well and of course the tape, the choice of which should be treated thoroughly because the wrong selected can be a bad stick and allow the air to flow or just leave adhesive residues. Set manicure, executable with adhesive tape, may also include elements of decor depending on personal preferences.

When all preliminary preparations are over, you can think about you select the picture. Experts advise in the first once to be simple to perform pattern in order to be able to fully with such a method of painting of nails. Subsequently, the pattern can be diversify what ideas in large quantities, you can spy on the Internet. This can help in pre-procurement stencils, who will be a figure on the nails. You’re not limited to straight lines, and навырезать all kinds of trees, signs, stars, ribbons – a total that had the imagination. After the removal of the procurement object will have a color lacquer, which painted the previous layer.

The technology of coating with adhesive tape is not difficult, but do not worry if the first time you encounter any deviations from the original planning, the quality of performance will certainly grow together with the experience.

One of the most widespread and disastrous mistakes is a lack of patience, which pushes some of the performers on the gluing stencil not-yet-completely dried up layer of varnish. It is easy to guess that in this case all my previous work will need to be redone.

Once the composition was conceived, we can proceed to the execution. If the nail surface doesn’t have due smoothness, it is recommended to cover the colorless basis, and only after drying apply the main lacquer. It is very important to wait until it is completely dry up. Next overlap of the workpiece. It is important to carefully glue, avoiding the emergence of bubbles or incomplete adherence to the nail plate, which can leak lacquer.

Next, you can apply the second layer. Here already it is hard not to notice the benefits of painting using a tape – line will be equal, the main thing is to follow the accuracy of fulfillment of the planned figure. Only after, and the layer of varnish exactly froze, you can gently remove the stencils.

The number of stages painting exactly depends on the planned figure and the availability of additional design elements, when applied to the simple nail, you can proceed to the final stage – coating protective layer.

It may seem that such a performance takes a fairly long time – but this is only the first impression. Manicure with adhesive tape is not longer than the decoration of the nail plate, but it helps to have a much more accurate execution.

Scotch, as already mentioned above can also be used when the French or the lunar manicure. For these purposes there are special lining, but they rarely have the proper quality, so varnish often under those is what can easily be avoided simply by using an adhesive tape.

The execution of such manicure is not complexities. You just need to again make the blanks, then you can overlay varnish. The first layer superimposed pink, corporeal or beige tones. When lacquer dried, finger and part of the nail is attached stencil, which is better to do a curved than direct. This would give the opportunity to achieve a clear line when applying the white paint on the tip of the nail. After removing it is recommended to assign manicure, to increase the term of its operation.

Lunar manicure is performed almost as well, depending on what part of the nail will be a Crescent moon. However, he assumes the use of a much wider palette.

Manicure with adhesive tape will not only help the novice performers, but simply those who love to perform complex pictures on the nails. Accuracy and precision in such a manner really pleasing to the eye.


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