A great family, great kids, Sunday walks in the Park and a trip to the sea – this perfect picture of family happiness is in the head of every woman. But, life is a harsh thing, and sometimes gets in such turns and dead ends, that without the assistance is needed. If no one in the family Lada, the woman must, first of all, look at yourself – and quite closely and critically. The return of her husband – is not easy and we will really try to family again reign of happiness and peace.

What do you do to bring the love of her husband?

Женщина, которая следит за собойFirst, a woman should always watch ourselves. Corny? But how effective! After all, a woman gets used to be the house in her robe «who saw species», Slippers «let porridge» and hastily заколотыми hair. Think your man is pleasant to contemplate every day such a «miracle»? Remember how прихорашивались you before each interview, as followed his makeup and hairdo?

In General, go to the mirror and spend revision: Bathrobe, pants and t – shirt-in the trash, a comb in hand and do not forget to put in a prominent place lipstick!

Жена слушает мужаSecondly, the old people say, that the wife should listen to her husband. Comes home from work tired and irritated? Try not to disturb him with 10-20 minutes, distract children and leave him alone. Believe me, after a few minutes you will come smiling Pope. Do not immediately inquired about the problems – it is better to do it after dinner.

Ссора мужа и женыThirdly, a woman must understand that the husband and wife are one. Not worth it at the slightest disagreement run to my mother complaining of a careless spouse! It only configures favorite against you. When brewing dispute should not hominem and remember offensive words, any outstanding obligations and actions to dwell on the past is the best way to reconciliation.

Return to her husband’s family is a long process requiring maximum impact and a little tricks. Because destroy even the strongest relationship is easy, but to restore everything, sometimes impossible. We must act softly and gently:

  • Invite friends to visit – cover them buffet and do not interfere with male conversations.
  • Love at night and drink a Cup of coffee – cook.
  • Likes to share problems and maintain a long tedious conversations – learn to listen. By the way, listen to the repetitive rants is the easiest way! In such moments you should simply step aside from his speech and all will be happy!
  • If you notice that the man is too tired, and his kids literally precipitated, try to explain them the situation. Better to do with them a picture and give the Pope.

It seems to be a banal advice, BUT! No one from the old days, invented nothing new! Only a thoughtful process of turning wife in a good hostess, approximate mother and a caring wife can keep the husband in the family for a long time.

Муж разлюбилMany ladies at the slightest sign of a rift in the family immediately conclude – husband no longer loves me! And start walking on the fortune-tellers and psychics. Колдуньям and wise old women-ворожеям with one question, how to return the love of her husband? Psychologists say that if the love has gone, then return it. But it so happens that man changes and tries to break off the relationship in the family, thinking about the lack of love to his wife.

Of course, the first thing we do is to take revenge, «hit» even stronger, hurt! Do not do that – believe me, there is serious talk, finding-out of relations and mutual accusations. It’s very hard to explain to her husband that you had revenged upon him with one another, and you feel immediately stupid and guilty in all. But these modern feminist things like, «let go, don’t need him» – this is utter stupidity!

Family is the most precious that a women children and husband are the closest people, who have to «swim» in love and kindness. So, leave their grievances and Wake your mind enough to set a goal and then you will return not only the husband, but also his love.

To fight for their family happiness is a daily work, which will require nerves of steel and a lot of patience. This does not mean that we should tolerate rudeness, arrogance and bullying by her husband, psychologists say that such copies should be running away! If you see that anything to keep her husband cannot be or has any personal insults at him, can only work once sit down together at the table of negotiations. Not only clarify the relationship and don’t make the conversation in the Creek…and I… and you… and you remember… you said… and you did not…». Find out priorities for two, think about whether there is a chance to save her family and try to take mutual decision. Calm, strong nerves and to keep a friendly relationship is important.

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