Just a few years ago accrued nails were considered exotic, and the procedure was performed only in the salons and the cost is very expensive. Today every girl can master this technology, how to extend their nails at home.

Before we talk about how to build up your nails on forms, should be familiar with The rights to the initial stage of the nail gel need to purchase the necessary materials and accessories. Form for the simulation can be made of different materials – paper, Teflon, transparent film.

Paper forms virtually disposable, and are very cheap. Work with them master can adjust the shape under any configuration of nails with nail scissors.

Buying paper forms should be to check the quality of the adhesive backing – it must firmly fix the form on the finger. Teflon form of more expensive, but easier is attached to the nail, which is especially important for novice master of manicure. These accessories are more durable and can be used many times.

Transparent form, too, have some advantages – they are faster and easier dried under ultraviolet light. Recently more and more popular as compared with standard wadded disks acquire special lint-free cloth to remove paint and other nail care procedures.

You will also need and brushes with different sizes. Brush for gel should be plastic, have a flat stubble. For large nail brush is taken more, for the little one.

So as to increase the nails on forms need gel, with the help of a convenient brush this tool is distributed over the entire surface, filling the hidden corners. Other brush with lush soft bristle brush is intended for removal of sawdust from the nails after handling abrasive tool.

Ethereal primer is suitable for gel nail technology. Acid same primer is applied when using acrylic material. Experts recommend to buy primer and gel of the same system.

The choice of gel complex process, all masters of manicure usually pick the most suitable empirically. On the target Russia nowadays gels for nail on the forms of almost all world known producers. In any case you should not use the cheapest gels in China – they are the least qualified.

Gels can be colored or transparent. Talking about how to increase the nails on forms, it should be clarified that one should choose two or three step system with producing gel. Such material does not spread and perfectly holds the specified form.

The UV lamp is another important accessory, without which the nail on the forms is very difficult. This item can be purchased in a set with the other accessories for nail or separately. The cost depends on the power rating and capacity. The higher the power, the dry faster nails, and a large lamp placed both hands simultaneously. It’s worth noting that not dried gel is able to ruin the received result of nail modeling on the vine.

Blocks and files are intended for filing the nail plate, correction of the form of artificial nails and give them the necessary forms. Sawing with крупноабразивной surface created for correction of the free edge, среднеабразивные – for giving the necessary form frozen gel or acrylic and мелкоабразивные – for polishing and removal of the Shine from the natural nail. When you select files should pay attention to the rigidity index, measured in гритах. The higher the score, the softer the file.

Now it is necessary to stop the use of special means for processing natural and artificial nails in the process of building the forms. Tool for removing adhesive layer is applied directly after drying nail under the ultraviolet lamp.

Cleaning brush is also used special means by which term of operation of these instruments is significantly increased. Degreaser is the universal tool, which can replace the above formulations. Also degreaser is used to remove old paint.

Antiseptic, is used for the treatment of nails with the purpose of prevention of infection. If tools uses only one person, no need to purchase an antiseptic no, you need to wash hands with soap and water. Orange sticks – manicure tool with which the master is delaying the cuticles and cleans птегирий.

This accessory is disposable. For softening the cuticles need a special срество used at необрезном manicure. Cuticle oil is applied on the cuticle at the end of the procedure build to soften and condition of this zone

Now we should speak directly about how to increase the nails on forms. It is necessary to wash hands with soap and water, wipe dry and apply to cuticle tool to soften. Orange stick push back cuticles and remove птеригий. Treat nail обезжиревателем, removing all unnecessary.

Free edge of the nail should be for processing, the remainder shall be not more than 2 mm in length. Then process the nail plate to give it roughness. These measures will create a favorable environment for fixing the accreted nail. Shake off sawdust brush. Now you need to put on your fingers forms.

Beginners are recommended to do this with the help of another person. The form should firmly stick to the fingers. Tip of the forms should not be tight clamping better later give nails form by sawing.

The form must repeat the arch of the natural nail. In profile, the form should be equal, not bent up or down. Then degrease your nails and to apply a primer, not touching the cuticle. Give composition dry.

Apply a base coat of gel nail and form, calculating the length and configuration of the future of artificial nails. Dry thin underlying layer of a lamp and put constructing layer, forming a sculptural zone.

This layer should be thin at the base of the nail and finger-tips, and in the center have a maximum thickness. Dry the gel under the lamp, remove the sticky layer and remove the form. Then gel опиливают, nails painted and again dried.

The procedure of building nails on forms is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, however, requires some skill. Will also require specialized tools and materials.


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