Russian mentality highlights women “plus-size” as most attractive. And here correctly to select a spectacular dress with such ladies is not always possible. Now we are going to fix this annoying contradiction.

Factors influencing the choice of dresses

All women in this category have the original build format shape, and all together they are divided into the following types:

  • rectangle;
  • triangle;
  • Apple;
  • pear.

For each of them the choice of dresses has its own strategy. Slender legs – a definite plus and the preferences, if you choose a sundress or a classic sheath dress. The problem in the arms and shoulders cleverly hide additional details. We are always 100 percent confident that we will succeed, if you follow exactly the advice of professionals. Because only they know when choosing dresses, you should consider the specific features of your breast, waist and legs. Knowing this, you can safely go to the tailor or the store.

Professional advice

Follow the simple, easy-to-remember tips and go prepared:

  • for summer choose cotton, chiffon, Jersey and linen;
  • when choosing dress, remember: it needs to “stretch” vertically, it will give you slimness;
  • a major figure, on the contrary, you only “yspolnyt”;
  • in any case don’t use multiple adornments, bows, ruffles, pleats and sleeves-lanterns;
  • don’t buy into the stereotypes you to purchase outfits of saturated, bright colors (red, lavender, turquoise, yellow);
  • if your dress there is something like large print, transverse stripes or the colors too bright – not to aggravate a negative impression of high heels, in this case it does not work, and Vice versa;
  • green light and all – dark colors, solid and muted;
  • the light tone makes;
  • no shiny materials, they greatly add to the completeness;
  • draping at the waist will hide a tummy (though to him, beloved, we shall return).

If the dress is chosen correctly and with taste, you not only will visually lose a significant part of the kilos, but will give the image of femininity, softness and attractiveness (to men he is like a bull a red rag!).

Arm and srijem on the spot

Your Breasts begins with an expressive glance

Almost every woman is “plus size” has an impressive bust. But only few know how to use it:

  • choose dress, not tapered in the chest – it tends to fall out and create an awkward situation;
  • open on display something only, everything else must be “mystery” is hidden;
  • the best option – the plunging neckline, coupled with the dress “on the floor”.

The waist will be “birch”, and feet — gusto

Waist — the best site for women with a figure like a pear. It is well-defined, and thighs, combined with a total slender legs. Focus our gaze on the lower part of the body. “Disguised” it a classic case with bright elements in the upper part of the small bare slender legs. For other types of shapes perfect dress with beautifully accentuated waistline (inserts and belt).

Remember, legs are the body part which can attract the admiring glances of others exactly the same as a deep cut. It is only necessary to “dress” them:

  • you have full legs just refuse models above the knees;
  • winter short dresses, which included tights also unacceptable;
  • safely choose Maxi, moreover, that this length gives a huge variety of models;
  • slender legs show without restrictions, but the neckline is covered up;
  • and walk from the hip, it is always advantageous.

Evening out

All of our rules, remember and use when choosing evening dresses. Besides, remember that:

  • your outfit should not contain details that fetter movement, then a nice fat moves, dancing and attracts looks;
  • especially carefully select underwear: ease of movement and no borders “upper” clothing, welcome shapewear, but with the condition maintain free breathing.
  • inserts will make the figure look more slender;
  • the side seam at the waist and a bold buckle belt and you are in the spotlight.

When the cute tummy becomes “invisible”

Perhaps it is the bulge above the waist line is the biggest problem for women “plus size”. And they are not excessive eating, sometimes stomach – a consequence of the former pregnancy. The main thing – that it was not the cause of complexes, which, in turn, often lead to errors in selecting the dress. Now, parse errors and the enumerated pros:

  • free or just shapeless clothes will make from beautiful to unattractive creature;
  • ideally, the belly should become “invisible” a shift of emphasis to other parts of the body, may admire the surrounding slender legs, intoxicating Breasts, delicate hands;
  • pay attention to the fabric as well as on parts and accessories, distracting.
  • silhouette And good not only in the presence of the abdomen, but laterally (figure of a type of pear), because it focuses on the chest, this effect can be enhanced by using a massive necklace, brooch, or neck handkerchief;
  • increased disguise has zapihivaetsya dress – accented breast line and hips are reinforced with a narrow neck Flirty and playful nature.
  • models of dresses that have peplum – it’s almost a universal key to hide tummy, please pay attention to sufficient length and location over the waistline;
  • you can boldly flaunt beautiful legs with its Arsenal dress-tank, it is perfect in both summer and winter.

The colors, the monotony is welcome, there are no geometric drawings of large size. Instead of a knit is better to use a non-shiny chiffon and flowing fabrics. Make a figure slimmer elongated jacket, cardigan or pair of spanx.

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