To please yourself and others a beautiful manicure, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. Nails patterns and you can own, even having no artistic talent.

For completion of high quality manicure you can use different stencils that are commercially available. Every woman knows that the state of nail and hand skin a lot about their owner. Therefore, care is required.

Art manicure every woman is able to make irresistible. But choose the figure for nail must carefully, focusing on his style in clothes and the image that you want to create. The concept of «art manicure» includes not only painting the nails, but also the decoration of their various decorative elements. It can be done on any nails: the natural, artificial, invoices. If draw patterns do not want to or not any abilities, the easiest way to use transferable pictures, or different kinds of applications, which are quite simple to execute. The main rule: accuracy and sense of proportion.

For the art of manicure suitable only for those lucky that did not thicken. Otherwise beautiful and clean lines of the picture are not succeed. You need to prepare in advance all the necessary elements: decorative (sequins, foil, бульонки, rhinestones, figurines and other ) , tweezers, cotton swabs, wipes, nail Polish remover, gel pen, glue for images (if needed) needle for applying pattern (you can use a toothpick) .

To understand how to make art manicure, you can show how to do the work of the wizard, or to find educational information through videos. But you have to understand one important rule: manicure not tolerate haste and must be in harmony with the style of behavior and appearance of women. According to Coco Chanel, truly feminine and stylish manicure can only be carried out in smoky tones. She believed that the dark nail Polish does not make a woman of elegance.

In the case of artistic manicure need to understand that he can be as helping the expressiveness of the image, and thoroughly spoil it. Nails, abounding decorations and painted in bright flashy colors can be worn only in one case: if the woman extravagant and shocking clothing style. Inappropriate to the situation manicure can spoil the entire image.

For everyday wear better suited than any abstract figure, made in the quiet, but quite bright colours. Such nails will only harmonize the image and does not spoil it. Besides, abstraction is the most easily workable with their hands art manicure. Nails with sequins give a festive and if coat colour is not too bright, too, may be appropriate style for the office or for a friendly party.

French with the picture looks very impressive and stylish and perfectly suitable for festive occasions and serious events. Excellent reception at the art manicure, which is suitable for everyday wear is the following: a nice complex picture in bright colours, but made only on one finger, for example, the little finger. The nail can decorate and decorative elements.

Some women like to paint their nails whole complex patterns. This manicure invariably attracts and delays attention. This should be considered and carefully monitor the skin of hands.

Complex art manicure will suit both young girls and extravagant lady. Picture of any difficulty will be relevant during the holidays or on the beach.

Getting started drawing on the nails, you should well consider the color scheme. If the pattern is discordant, it will cause a repulsive feeling and image of women will be unsuccessful. If nails are too bright, the clothes should be monochromatic.


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