Placing furniture in the apartment, we follow? Try to arrange furniture so as it would be easier to try to save precious space? Not so long ago in our daily life began to penetrate the influences from the East: wisdom, philosophy, Buddhism and, of course, Feng Shui. Many probably already heard about this practice of the East. This kind of teaching about space and the location of the objects. It is believed that if you place the furniture and interior items, according to Feng Shui, the atmosphere of the dwellings will be harmonious and peaceful, as well as attract the house of success, money and love.

Правильное расположение мебелиWhat should be the proper placement of furniture? Furniture is the most overall, therefore, its place should be in the first place. To create a special comfort, fill in the corners of the room to the vacant places prevent negative energy. There you can place corner sofas. Directory any online store, by the way, can offer a choice of a wide range.

Furniture should be set so that she stood back against the wall. It is undesirable to have sofas and chairs back to the window or the door, because this creates a sense of instability and danger. Between a window and a door, as claimed by the practice of Feng Shui, there is a flow of energy, and quite fast, so there’s no need to put upholstered furniture, whether it is a sofa or chair.

Please note that the furniture must be new. Antique furniture, of course, is beautiful and makes an impression: it is the historic, luxurious, uniquely fits into the interior. However, the supporters of Feng Shui believe that old furniture can carry the energy of the past owners, and not always positive. The old musty energy has no place in your house, so it is not recommended to buy Antiques.

Яркая мягкая мебельStyle upholstered furniture, you can choose to any taste, the main thing is that it doesn’t look gloomy. Its form should be rounded, with no sharp angles, as the jagged edges symbolize the financial failure, but simple lines, crisp designs – a symbol of success and prosperity. Backs of the sofas and chairs should be high, as, according to Feng Shui, is a reflection of the confidence and support.

To attract wealth and abundance is also recommended to diversify the interior composition of flowers or a vase with fruits. Attract good luck flowers of yellow and green colours. Peaches, apples and pineapples attract love and rekindle the passion.

Should not be overly make room furniture, especially one that is outdated and almost not used as intended. Ruthlessly throw out the old dilapidated furniture, especially chests, cabinets, shelves, filled with stuff that hardly ever come in handy. Conglomeration of furniture does not allow the energy to move freely. Free space can be acquiring modern furniture that combines several functions. For example, sofa bed may the day of receiving guests, and at night serve as a comfortable bed.

Feng Shui is an interesting way to furnish your room. Believe or not to believe in the miraculous power of this practice, every case. But why not take a chance to touch the wisdom of the East, as well as to attract in your life for wealth and success?

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