We have search for cleaner for our grandmother. She was old, worked somehow, and recently hose it took and broke it too actively cleaning. Clean, I must say, she has that. Carpets in each room plus dearly loved her parquet. Well and dog обожаемую you cannot write off from accounts. Thus he had to get out almost every day.

And then we specially began to look for a vacuum cleaner to suit our specific conditions approached. The reviews I immediately liked Arnica BORA 5000 with Aqua-filter and all sorts of nice additions. Well, our expectations vacuum cleaner justified and even exceeded!

What are the advantages were cleaner Arnica BORA 5000?

Комплектация пылесосаFirst of all, I would say that this vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning of premises with difficult conditions – like old carpet and dog hair on them. The package includes optional turbo rotating brush allows that copes with the most whimsical rugs. By the way she cleaned them just perfect!!! I think they were not as clean even when they were new.

In addition турбощетки, Arnica BORA 5000 is equipped with universal brush, it can clean the floor and carpets, but that’s my grandmother’s parquet useful special parquet brush with natural bristles. With it we have achieved striking results and, besides, grandmother saved from the necessity to apply any home remedies for cleaning the parquet (so why she is not are inventing).

Мини турбощеткаAnd mini турбощеточка was very useful. We washed out all the deposits of blankets in the cabinets, and those which we use, too perfect обеспылили! And even mattresses have not escaped their fate. Then we learnt that my grandfather’s runny nose, nothing else like allergies because after the global cleaning of carpets, blankets and mattresses grandfather felt much better!

I then read that Arnica BORA 5000 recommended for Allergy sufferers this unexpected plus brought by our purchase. No dog hair now on carpets is not visible, I almost crawled around with a magnifying glass, no hairs are not found after cleaning! When this function dry cleaning if necessary in quick walk around the apartment, such a function is not out of place.

Get out now easy!

Уборка с пылесосом АрникаAlso note, that a vacuum cleaner is easy, and his soft, rubber wheels, and ride easy and stress-free. Vacuum cleaner still involves the use of fragrances, well, they were not apply, the grandmother does not like sharp fragrance. Well I say, flavourings for this purpose and will not be required to air in the apartment was quite different. Earlier some hard and stale, and now freshness and purity.

And the last one plus not to forget! Reinforced hose – superstrong! How would grandmother hard not spun with his new vacuum cleaner, that hose her break does not succeed! But minus was only one – grandma’s dog is afraid турбощетки, because buzzing vacuum cleaner while in turbo mode is pretty loud.

In General, Arnica BORA 5000 I recommend to all! Especially allergies, those with Pets have, well, families with small children it is very suitable. And the price is quite acceptable for such a beautiful home assistant!

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